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  1. megalomani

    Ohio Cincinnati - All-Grain 3-Vessel System for 10 gallon batches plus extras

    Local pick-up in Cincinnati, OH only. (if not sold by 9/14 I would be willing to ship the RIMS at buyers cost for shipping). 15 gallon keggle w/ welded port, sight glass, thermometer, pickup tube...
  2. megalomani

    Ohio Beginer kit in Nati
  3. megalomani

    Millar's Mill vs. Cereal Killer - Help me decide

    My tax return was direct deposited into my account recently. My wonderful wife said 1000 dollars can be used for what ever I want. Looking at my current brewery, I decided my next purchase should be a grain mill. I don't want to spend too much of my total on a mill and decided that the...
  4. megalomani

    Ohio 5/8" ID SS Pickup Tube and weldless bulkhead (BrewHardware)

    This is a combination weldless bulkhead and pick-up tube. It was never used because after additional thought decided to go with a street elbow as a side pick-up. I paid 36$ plus 12$ shipping, asking 36$ and I will pay for shipping or 30$ for local pick-up. I know this is not a huge...
  5. megalomani

    WON 50# bag of Briess Pale Malt

    Admission to Beer and Sweat (Keg only homebrew competition) - $20 Unlimited sampling of over 250 homebrew entries - $0 6 Raffle tickets - $10 Winning a 50# bag of 2-row - priceless It was a blast, although I personally did not register in time to submit my own homebrew. A friend of mine...
  6. megalomani

    Return of the Jedi on Spike

    Anyone else watching this?
  7. megalomani

    trojan horse detected on chugger pump web site

    My computer has Avast antivirus running. Just a few minutes ago I went to the Chugger pump site ( and avast sounded an alarm. It said it detected and blocked a trojan horse. Any time I navigated anywhere else on the site avast repeatedly reported the pages a malicious...
  8. megalomani

    the great keg leak on Christmas

    So after visiting 2 family events I was glad to have some down time at home. I decided to hook up my keg of Belgian quad that had been in the cooling/carbing for the past week. After poping the quick connect on the post I went to check on the dog. My wife had a head ache so went to the bedroom...
  9. megalomani

    Fermwrap on the cheap

    Got reptile heat tape to use as cheap fermwrap from here: Hooked it up to my analog johson (modifed for heating) and wrapped around my better botle. I started warming up but I got a shock from the end of the heat wrap. Now worried about fire...
  10. megalomani

    Upgrading Equipment and Planning Ahead

    Have been making 5g AG batches for about 2 yrs with a 5g igloo mash and 7g turkey fryer. I am slowly accumulating better equipment to allow for higher gravity, larger batches and just more simplicity and fun. So far I have upgraded to a: - 10g igloo beverage cooler to use for mashing...