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  1. Christian

    AHA Sactioned Event Coming to Utah!!

    Yep it's a go and i'll be one of the judges :D
  2. Christian

    WTF are these bubbles!? Pics included

    Take cut up watermelon and let it sit on your plate. when it dries there will be a film on your plate. Essentially that is what has floated to the top of your carboy. I personally do NOT think that is an infection.
  3. Christian

    re-bottling from mini keg

    Make your friends see the light and make them drink it with you. Friends don't let friends drink BMC. :)
  4. Christian

    Natural Carboniation

    Oh but to answer your question about carb times. Yes sometimes they can carb quick or slow, it depends on the amount of yeast still in suspension and amount of sugars still left and the temp. Are your beers finishing low or is your final gravity a bit high? Also what temp are they being stored...
  5. Christian

    Natural Carboniation

    I have bottled beers that i have kept in my basement for years and crack em open and they taste awesome. I have never experienced oxidation or flavor loss or vegetable flavor. I suppose it can happen which is why people warn about it but i have never experienced it. Yes flavor profiles change...
  6. Christian

    What are some of the mistakes you made...where your beer still turned out great!

    A year and half ago i brewed an imperial IPA with massive amounts of hops and accidently left the fermenter near a heat vent (i had just moved into the place). The fermentation temp was WAY too high (got up over 90) and took me forever to bring it back down. Then i bottled it and set it...
  7. Christian

    Anyone ever consider brewing when looking for a new home?

    In the process of looking for a new house. I'm lucky in that my girlfriend collects and drinks a lot of wine so a bar and cellar area is a must in our search.
  8. Christian

    Sam Adams to lose craft beer status

    I can walk down to my local 7-11 and buy SA and i can do the same pretty much anywhere me that is not a craft brewer. I have never seen a national ad for the other bigger "craft" brewers like Stone, Dogfishhead, Rogue, Sierra Nevada etc yet i can see an SA one every day. That...
  9. Christian

    Brewing while impaired?

    i think you could do it easily, just siphon all the liquids from container to container and make sure your fermenter is on a skateboard before you siphon your wort into it then just wheel it to wherever it needs to go.
  10. Christian

    Stone Ruination

    I've made that exact clone before and it turned out great, very close close to the actual Ruination. An oaked version does seem intriguing but not sure how it would turn out. To me oaked beers taste better in darker maltier ones than in lighter ones like the Ruination. Which is why i think the...
  11. Christian

    A case against kegging - Bottling is better

    It's a matter of perception i think and can be different for different folks. Yes a keg is just a big bottle, however some people can notice differences in flavor at different times in different size bottles. I myself just started noticing it in my beers a couple years ago. I can notice a...
  12. Christian

    How many have you converted?

    Tons....but they've all quit! Out of the large group of us that started 10+ years ago, i'm the only one left. I have had gaps in my brewing so i hold out hope that some may come back but it doesn't look that way. :(
  13. Christian

    Knoopster's Very Light Corn Ale - German

    I love that you said to use 10.00 gallons of Salt Lake City, UT water. The water here is really good for brewing in my opinion. But uh how did this beer turn out?
  14. Christian

    Are you all alcoholics?

    I used to have a drinking i have a hobby!! :cross:
  15. Christian

    Carbonation of Hop Nog 2009

    How much corn sugar did you use, how long has it been in the bottles and what temp is the room your bottles are being stored in at? 90% of the time i have had issues with carbonation it is usually because i let the temp of the room my bottles were in fall too low. If you can't keep the temp up...
  16. Christian

    Do beer brewers brew wine too?

    Been brewing beer for 10 years now but just started making wine last year....and a few batches of sake.
  17. Christian

    If you could only use 2 or 3 varieties of hops

    Cascade Chinook Centennial
  18. Christian

    What the highest OG/Alc. brew you've made...?

    I've brewed several over 10% and with positive results. The only issue i have ever had with these types of big beers is the first couple times i bulk aged them for several months and i ended up with very low carbonation because i had almost no yeast left in suspension to carbonate. I was still...
  19. Christian

    It finally happened...Mr. Beer Strikes Again!

    I was at the home brew store the other week and a guy comes in and asks for a Mr. Beer kit and the guy says they do not carry it and explained very nicely he can make better beer in larger batches for roughly what 2 gallons of Mr. Beer costs to make. The guy got pissed and said NO i want a Mr...
  20. Christian

    "Safe place" for exploding bottles?

    I have never had bottle bombs before and take every precaution to avoid em but one can never be too sure. So i put them in the tub in the guest bathroom and throw a towel over em for the first few weeks, after that they go in my beer closet.