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  1. StoneArcher

    Panela instead of sugar.

    Has anyone used panela instead of sugar in their wine? Just curious to see.
  2. StoneArcher

    Bartlett Pear

    Started on: 9.27.13 9.5# Grapes - Unknown variety. 106# Cleaned Bartlett Pears. 2/3 c. Acid Blend 14 tsp Pectic Enzyme 2.5 tsp Tannin 1/2 c Yeast Nutrient 4.5 Gallons Water Sugar to 1.09 (In this case I used 20#) 3 cans of frozen white grape juice 3 jugs of white grape juice 3...
  3. StoneArcher

    Low flocculation

    So, I was in a hurry and pitched three packs of Montratchet in my pear. I wanted to use 1118, but didn't have enough. I just did a first racking, or more like it straining. I'm half pulp! I can't fit the carboys in the fridge, and will be super bummed to see half my work go to a thirsty sink...
  4. StoneArcher

    Wine funk smell

    Well, over the summer one batch got a case of rotten smell. I'm thinking it fermented too warm in secondary. I was transferring and as son as I popped the airlock, I could smell it. After transferring, it was a horrible smell in the kitchen. After a couple of days, smelling again, I added...
  5. StoneArcher

    Pear processing > 100#

    Greetings, I am curious as to how you guys prep your pears for making wine. Whenever I make 5 gallons or less, I remove the stem, the bottom thing, slice in half, core, chop roughly, then mash. I have about 130# of pears to do. After the first 35# or so, my knife hand is killing me. I...
  6. StoneArcher

    HDPE Carboy

    I've got 130# of pears, all the glass carboys are full. Considering these: What do you guys think? I am picking up one of these for the primary:
  7. StoneArcher

    Makng Vinegar... On purpose

    I know that this is a wine forum, Iv'e looked for a vinegar one with no avail on I am just looking for a show of hands of who makes vinegar. From anything. Your wine or mead is preferred but, if you make it at all raise your hand. I'm going to start. I am thinking of making it with...
  8. StoneArcher

    Rhubarb wine recommendations

    I have 10# of rhubarb in primary right now, with 2qts of raspberries and 3 gallons of water. I thawed rhubarb on Sunday. On Monday, added 3 Campden, 4 tsp pectic enzyme, 3 tsp yeast nutrient, 2 tsp yeast energizer, and 1 tsp tannin. After adding the tannin, it turned a gross looking color...
  9. StoneArcher

    Plum wine questions

    Last night I tossed 5.5# of plums in a bucket, added water to 5l. 2 tsp of pectic enzyme, and sugar to 1.085. Today I increased OG to 1.115, and pitched Montratchet. Montratchet will peak at 13% or so, and I have a potential of 15.09 if it goes dry. I am hoping for it to die off and end at...
  10. StoneArcher


    Do you guys stabilize every batch before bottling? I currently have not, and to the best of my knowledge it seems fine. I don't know if I am going to incur problems down the line or not though. Do you only stabilize for back sweetening? I have not back sweetened as of yet. To the best of my...
  11. StoneArcher

    Plum haze.

    On Luc's blog, he mentions a haze from the wax on plum skins. Anyone else have this issue, and if so; how to deal with it? He also mentions that washing the skins with soda will remove it, I didn't have any soda so I washed as usual. The plums are sitting on Campden, so I could pick out the...
  12. StoneArcher

    Peach plum pear

    I just picked up 5# each of the mentioned fruits. Looking for advice. Mix and match any, all or just one gal of each separately? Also have bing cherries and rhubarb on hand.
  13. StoneArcher

    Record keeping, batch numbering

    I am not sure if anyone else makes batch numbering or not, but if you do or if you would; How would you do it? I mean for us home-brew folks. I am a software engineer by day, so if I am overanalyzing I apologize. Here is a thought: [batch number][ID][day][month][year][days 'till...
  14. StoneArcher

    Double dipped taste testing...

    Well... I finally did it. I knew I would eventually. I was racking, and what I usually do is vapor lock the siphon tube for a little sample, drinking it out the end of the tube. Well, this time SWMBO was around and of course this wine is tasty and needed a sample... Bam. Double diped the siphon...
  15. StoneArcher

    What is this?

    My google-foo must be weak, cant identify what this is. The large carboy with the magnum opening. I use it for primary, love it too - I can watch all the hard core action! The root of the question stems from my desire to acquire another. So, what is it called? Thanks! Nick P.S. sorry about...