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  1. MrNatural

    Well water consistency

    So, I got the Consumer Confidence Report from my local water district, hoping to use it to get a feel for my water chemistry. Turns out, it had 3 reports (of varying detail), one for each of the local districts that share/swap water based on agreements that I have no interest in. And, I have...
  2. MrNatural

    PWM pump control

    Finally getting around to arranging (and rearranging) guts of my control panel and have come to a fork in the road. Have room on relay board for pumps, and also have a couple of spare SSRs. Want fly sparge ability and wonder if there is any possible use of PWM for flow control of pump...
  3. MrNatural

    O-ring size for Sanke/Triclover

    Building inverted keggle MLT and sanke fermentor. Don't like how they mate up to T/C fittings with silicone gaskets. Looks like O-ring would fit, and cover the notches for retaining ring. Anyone with any happy experiences that can recommend size/cross section that works? Thanks........
  4. MrNatural

    Cheap Chinese DC Recirc pump?

    DIYers, Wondering if anyone has any experience with this alleged hot liquid pump...
  5. MrNatural

    Magic Bean Thread?

    Left the building?
  6. MrNatural

    Well water?

    Couple of questions for the test tube crew. Looking at the report from my water district, it seems they occasionally purchase water from neighboring agencies, but not sure how often that happens, and can't tell if they're that much different anyway. Also have a buddy around the corner who...
  7. MrNatural

    Hopper Template MM-3

    Anybody have one?
  8. MrNatural

    Another Panel question

    First, thanks to the fine folks here for the info, experience and inspiration they provide. Moving on....Ok, trying to go from zero to beero at the speed of light and took time off from single tier build, hop planting, mill motorizing and keg polishing to inventory/layout accumulated components...
  9. MrNatural

    Watering schedule

    First year bines (expecting to emerge shortly) and want to set up the drip irrigation now while I'm setting up the veggie areas. Have been using 30 minutes every two days, 1GPH for peppers and 2GPH for tomatoes, cukes, melons and squash. In wilting conditions, over 100°F consecutive days, will...
  10. MrNatural

    Need advice on trellis

    Setting up about 20' row for hops. The wife was off playing with the grandbabies, so I dug hole for the uprights about a foot south of the plants, in case of failure, it falls in my yard and has better triangulation of guy ropes. Then I head across the street to my buddies shop where we...
  11. MrNatural

    Keg polishing sucks

    That is all.
  12. MrNatural

    Sanke fermentor thermowell, racking tube

    I've rigged up a sanke keg with spud for thermowell welded about the lower third mark. Thinking I should get thermowell length that ends about the center? Kind of wondering about the thermal mass and convective flow behavior of wort in the keg related to ferm chamber temp control. Also welded...
  13. MrNatural

    Dammit, it happened again!

    As others before me have noted, there is an advantage to gradually acquiring parts so when you change your mind, you don't have to rebuild/replace. But, you do end up with a lot of extra stuff! First, it was scoring a March 809 and some Asco valves off CL, that led to BG14s toward a JonW type...
  14. MrNatural

    BK insulation?

    Saw a couple of threads where folks were doing it. Any pros/cons? Taking keggles to welder and stopping by fastener/industrial surplus place on the way. They have a 3/4" closed cell foam sheet that I picked up for MLT. Wondering if I should get another for BK? Thanks
  15. MrNatural

    Yeast Psychology

    Ok, there I was, mindlessly flap-discing on single tier build, and got to thinking about studies regarding the effect music has on living things - animals and even plants. Hey, yeast is a living thing, and I'm also building a ferm chamber, and I've got some marine speakers, and I've got 300GB...
  16. MrNatural

    Fermcap-S or this stuff?

    Any feedback on the product, not the company? --------------------------------------------------------- ANTI-FOAM AGENT - 1oz. The CHI Company 376 anit-foaming agent is a 100% active, NON-SILICONE defoamer. Designed for use for food and beverage processing. It even has Kosher approval...
  17. MrNatural

    HOPS - Ultimate Collection

    Ok, I've learned so much from the knowledgeable and talented denizens of this forum helping me follow the Golden Road, I decided to throw this out. I will be planting hops this spring, but only have room for 5-6 plants. So, if you were stuck on an island and could only have 3 varieties of...
  18. MrNatural

    Anyone recognize this fitting?

    And know where to get some? FIP inside and MIP outside.
  19. MrNatural

    Automated volume sensing idea/help

    Ok, the folks in here seem more whack than the other forums, and I'm counting on that for ideas/feedback for optical volume sensor. Did a thread search and found a bunch of float switch setups, but don't like the idea of having extra stuff hanging in my keggles and was concerned about accuracy...
  20. MrNatural

    SSR types

    First, thanks to all the good folks for the wealth of info here. Scrounging stuff for my E-build. Will these work to control an element? It is SCR instead of DC switch, does that make a difference? Has built in heat sink and I found a couple cheap. Dale Manufacturer: Crydom Description...