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  1. tlazaroff

    Mold on silicon hose

    Good day, Its been a while since I brewed and just broke out the gear so I could start back up again. I found some white mold spores on some silicone tubing that I use on my pump. I'm curious as to the best way to clean this so the mold is gone? I'm assuming a bleach bath as well as a...
  2. tlazaroff

    Difficulty hitting the right mash temp.

    Good day, I have had a recent problem with hitting my mash temp correctly, it's always too high. Here is my process. -I use a converted cooler as a mash tun. -I heat up my mash water to a boil and pour my mash water into the cooler. I let it sit closed for about 15 minutes to stabilize and...
  3. tlazaroff

    Shark Pants / Live a Rich Life

    Anyone have a Shark Pants / Live a Rich Life clone recipe?
  4. tlazaroff

    Dip tube on Blichmann Boilermaker not working correctly?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a Blichmann Boilermaker to replace my old kettle. I installed the brewmometer, filled it with water to check for leaks, and drained it. Once the water level fell below the valve, it didn't seem like the dip tube was picking up any more liquid.. at least not very...
  5. tlazaroff

    Boilermaker False BHiottom question.

    Hi! I've been brewing all-grain for about two years now, and have just ordered my first Boilermaker Kettle for boiling. I still plan on using a converted cooler for my mash tun, thus I didn't order the false bottom with the kettle. My question is thus, Will the false bottom be effective for...
  6. tlazaroff

    Is this White Stuff normal?

    Took this photo before I left for work this morning. This is about 12 hours after pitching yeast (wlp029) and I noticed this white stuff in the kreusen, never seen it before though. Think I have an infection?
  7. tlazaroff

    Gravity-fed Plate Chiller question.

    Hi all, I am using a new plate chiller (which I have no experience with) for the first time today and ran into a problem. I think I know the answer to my problem, though, I figured I'd ask anyway. I do not have a pump. When it was time to chill the wort, and everything was connected, I...
  8. tlazaroff

    Cream Ale Recipe, advice requested.

    Hi all, I'm going to be entering a homebrew contest (my first) this spring and want a critique on this recipe. I make some mean IPAs, but I figure that most of their entries will be IPAs, so that's out. I wanted to do something that they won't get much of, and I thought Cream Ale was...
  9. tlazaroff

    Whirlpool, worth it?

    Hi all. My question is in regards to utilizing a whirlpool. I never have. I just accepted any hop particles into the fermenter, as well as hot break material, etc and RDWHAHB'ed it up. I have never had a problem with the final product, my beer has always good. I have found that any break/hop...
  10. tlazaroff

    How do you dry hop your carboy?

    I've been using nylon bags, and they are a royal pain to get out of the carboys. I'm curious what everyone else uses. I was interested in buying this product, The Brew Infuser, but it gets terrible reviews. Is there anything out there to make it easier?
  11. tlazaroff

    Is my starter okay? (pics)

    So, I had a vial of WLP060 sitting around for a while which I intended to use but never got around to doing so. I plan on brewing this upcoming Wednesday, and thought it was a good time to use this yeast. I question whether it is still good though. Here are the facts. WLP060 Best Before: 20...
  12. tlazaroff

    Canning Wort for Starters

    Hi all. I had a question in which search didn't pull any information on. I am curious about canning wort for using in starters at a later date. I know when you can fruits and such, it stays preserved for up to a year. I was wondering if there are any special steps needed to take when canning...
  13. tlazaroff

    No-Sparge Brewing and BYO

    In the latest BYO, there is an article on page 60 about No-Sparge brewing. The article is pretty good, and as I have been thinking about trying this technique, I have now decided to actually try it. The article states that all you have to do is add enough water to your mash tun so when you...
  14. tlazaroff

    Yeast for use in a Pumpkin Beer.

    I brewed two Pumpkin Ales last year, same recipe with 2 different yeasts. WLP011 European Ale: This brought out the spiced aroma, but didn't do much for the flavor. WLP864 Cry Havok: The better one, had a much nicer flavor and even though the aroma was more mild than 011, the flavor made...
  15. tlazaroff

    Keggle questions for selling.

    I have a Keggle that I am interested in selling, but had a few questions first. The keggle itself is in good condition, I just want to "upgrade" to something smaller because I don't do large batches. I payed $275+ shipping a year and a half ago. Stats: 15.5 Gallon Boston Beer Co. Converted...
  16. tlazaroff

    Let the beer tell you when it's done.

    Hi all, (short version on the bottom) So, I've been home brewing about a year and 8 months now. In this time I've read many methods people use to tell when fermentation is done. The most popular 2 seem to be: 1) Wait 7 days, bottle. 2) When FG is consistent 3 days in a row, it's done...
  17. tlazaroff

    Recipe Critique: Scottish Pale Ale

    So, a friend had a great name for a beer, 'Hop Scotch'. The first thing that popped into my head was making a traditional Scottish Export 70 but hopped up like a traditional APA. I had two other goals in mind when writing this recipe: keep it simple, and keep it session-able. All feedback is...
  18. tlazaroff

    Are my ingredients stale/too old?

    I haven't been able to brew as much as I'd like the past year. I have bunches of grain and hops that I think may have gone bad. My grain has been kept in a 68 degree basement in grain / ziplock bags until i put it into an airtight container about 6 months ago. My hops have been kept in a 36...
  19. tlazaroff

    Homebrew and a Wedding.

    So, my brother is getting married. I have been elected to serve homebrew at the wedding. Here are my thoughts: 1) Brew a sturdy 'Wedding Brew' to be given out to guests, 2 bottles each, probably corked. Something that will last a long time, Barley wine, maybe a Tripel, or a Strong Ale. This...
  20. tlazaroff

    Beer Glass Washer

    I am sick of thinking I am getting my glasses beer clean, only to discover they are not when a beer is poured. I am thinking of getting such a device. Any thoughts as to how it's used, and what kind of cleaning agent I should use in it...