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  1. Devo9

    Brewing my first wine kit

    Hi everyone, I am an experienced brewer, but so far I've only brewed meads and ciders. I brought my first wine kit, a Festa brand Moscato, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips to share before I get started. This brew is for my wife who likes sweet wines, and Moscato is her favourite. I...
  2. Devo9


    Just here to share my pain... So so so sad right now.
  3. Devo9

    JAOM disappointing results

    First off, I don’t want to show any disrespect to Joe. I know he is a very talented mead maker and I respect him. But my JAOM did not turn out as I had hoped. I have read so many good reviews of JAOM that it makes me wonder if I did something wrong…:( I put together 2 gallons...
  4. Devo9

    Ginger Mead Recipe... Is This Totally Insane?

    OK, so here is the plan. It might be absolutely horrible, or it might be totally awesome... I am basing the recipe off of this one by Gamrchick: But instead of going for a "A Medium Sweet Ginger Metheglin", I'll be going for a sweet...
  5. Devo9

    Thinking ahead (or not)

    I'm not looking for help (but maybe I should be), I am just sharing an amusing story about how stupid I can be. So my strawberry rhubarb mead, what I am calling my summer pie mead, is coming along great. Yesterday I racked off the lees, remove the rhubarb that has fallen, then I planned to...
  6. Devo9

    I can't drink beer anymore...

    I can't drink beer anymore... OK, I am just curious if anyone else has had a problem like this before. Since I started brewing cider I have had a tendancy to drink... well, cider. I haven't had a beer in over 6 months leading into my vacation. During my vacation in New York I had no access...
  7. Devo9

    I bought my cirst keg for my cider.... Now what?

    Just like the thread says, I kind of impulsively bought a "corny" keg and I have nothing else... What else do I need?
  8. Devo9

    Found some apple juice on sale...

    I found some apple juice (No additives, on preservative) on sale, 12 L (3.17 gal) for $11.49 at The Real Canadian Super Store. So now I have 6.34 gal of apple juice ready for brewing and I was thinking about adding some juice concentrate to up the OG (everyone uses sugar and honey is out of...
  9. Devo9

    Adding fruit to mead in the secondary

    I want to add some strawberries to my secondary for one of my meads. Do I need to do anything special to sanitize it first, or can I just rinse them with tap water then add them? Should I rinse with campden water mix? Do I need to use something like Sanstar? Or could I use bleach and water...
  10. Devo9

    Sweet strawberry mead

    I have JUST decided to do a sweet strawberry mead and have it ready for my 1st wedding anniversary (June 25th). I want to have a sweet finish because that's how my wife likes it. Here's what I am thinking: 14 lbs. Clover honey ½ cup of raisins 3 lbs of frozen strawberries 3 sticks of cinnamon...
  11. Devo9

    Acidental carbonation

    So I finally got my cyser bottled las week. I opened my first bottle tonight and to my surprise it was carbonated! It spent 6 days in the primary (SG was 1.010), then fermented dry within a week of racking to the secondary (FG was .996). I added 6 Campden tablets (for 6 gallons) once it was...
  12. Devo9

    Ale Yeast vs. Wine Yeast

    Is there a major difference between an ale yeast and a wine yeast? Will an ale yeast make my mead taste more like a beer? I have only used wine yeasts so far... Just curious about people's experiences. Are mead and cider yeasts worth trying as well? Thanks
  13. Devo9

    My Cyser is READY!

    No questions here, just shouting from the rooftop! My first brew is a success!!! I have tasted it and it tastes GREAT! Now I just need to bottle it. It is a Cyser, so if it tastes this good now, I can only imagine how it'll taste once it has aged a bit! OK, that is it, I am done! :mug...
  14. Devo9

    Thinking about future yeasts

    So I had some troubles securing a semi-sweet mead with ABV below 16% with my first batch using champagne yeast. I am now thinking about my next batch, cuz lets face it, now that I have started home brewing I'm not sure I can/want to stop! Does anyone have any recommendations for a low alcohol...
  15. Devo9


    How long should I wait after fermentation is complete before I can backsweeten? Do I just have to clarify and make sure that all the yeast paddies are removed? Any tips? Anything I should watch out for?
  16. Devo9

    Won't stop bubbling

    I am making my first mead and it is turning out great! I split the batch into two 1/2 gallon glass cider jugs. One Cranberry, one Blueberry, and both taste delicious! However, I have gotten it where I want it and I added a crushed Campden Tablet to each bottle and replaced the airlocks. This...