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  1. Shalenkur

    Calibrate refractometer to hydrometer?

    I usually use only a hydrometer, but I did my first brew last night with new refractometer. Calibrated it first with distilled water per instructions. Long story short I thought I came up short on gravity until I was done and decided to check with hydrometer. The refractometer measures 1.045...
  2. Shalenkur

    Measure OG without hydrometer?

    I busted my hydrometer last night. Tried hot glue this morning LOL didn't work. So, I measured out 100ml of water and 100ml of wort. The water weighs 97 grams, and the wort weighs 102 grams. 102/97=1.0515 OG Am I correct?
  3. Shalenkur

    How to preserve well water?

    Ok guys I filled two sanke kegs with really good 80ppm well water to brew with. I won't be able to brew for a while, maybe a month. Aside from putting bleach in, how do I sterilize and keep it fresh? I was thinking maybe hydrogen peroxide?