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  1. billymeter

    Partial Mash, Full Boil

    Today I am doing a Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout Clone partial mash recipe. It's the kit from AHS. This is my first time trying to do a partial mash with a full boil. I've got a few AG batches under my belt and it looks like the mash schedule is different from the directions AHS gave and the...
  2. billymeter

    Which is more important?

    Which is more important to your beer? Full boil or temperature control? I realize both are important, but if you could do one or the other, which one would have the least amount of consequence?
  3. billymeter

    Scaling 5 gallon AG recipes

    I want to do my first AG beer this weekend. I don't have the equipment to do a full 5 gallon batch, so I want to scale it down to a 2.5 or 3 gallon batch. Is this as simple as dividing the ingredient amounts by 5 then multiplying the amount of gallons I want to make? Or is there some kind of...
  4. billymeter

    Oh what a disaster...

    This past weekend on National Homebrew Day, I was doing a back-to-back partial mash brews. I did two clone kits from AHS, the Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout and the Franziskaner Dunkelweisse. I did the dunkel first. Anyway, I have* a brand new 6.5 gallon glass carboy with 5 gallons of Starsan...
  5. billymeter

    Purchased the beginnings to my kegerator!

    Here is what I got: Basic 2 tap/keg kit with 5# CO2 (they say there is a free upgrade to a 10#) from 2 additional cornies 4 Perlick "creamer" faucets w/ the cheap black handles 3 way air distributor dual pressure regulator Digital temperature controller from Northern...
  6. billymeter

    My first mini-mash

    I made my first mini-mash brew this weekend. It was the Oktoberfest kit from I just used a nylon grain bag and did the mash in a bottling bucket for about an hour. Started the sparge and proceeded to brew just like it was an extract kit. I pitched the yeast (White Labs Oktoberfest...
  7. billymeter

    Should I make a yeast starter?

    For my fourth batch, I plan on making a Belgian Strong Golden Ale (Northern Brewer kit). I got Wyeast 1388 and was wondering if I should make a starter for this brew. I've read that some Belgian's get some of their flavor from the yeast reproduction cycle. Also, should I wait later in the year...
  8. billymeter

    Did 3rd batch today!

    Well, I got my third batch under my belt today. I made the Bavarian Hefeweizen kit from Northern Brewers. This was also my first time using liquid yeast and making a starter. I hope I don't get much lag time. My other two batches used dry yeast and I started getting heavy activity in the air...
  9. billymeter

    Cleaning plastic fermenters with soft sponge

    Is it okay to clean plastic fermenter buckets using a soft sponge? I'm concerned if the sponge would scratch the inside. I know that I should NOT use a sponge when sanitizing. Thanks for your input! :mug:
  10. billymeter

    Beer Conditioning

    So beer has to condition when you bottle it for several weeks so the yeast can do it's thing. But I've heard if you keg, and you "force carbonate", then your beer is ready to drink as soon as you get it cold. So does the beer not have to condition if you keg? Or is the beer already...
  11. billymeter

    A kegging question: What size of CO2 tank should I get?

    Hello fellow homebrewers, I am interested in starting kegging, but I'm not really sure what size of a CO2 tank I should get. Do you think a 5lb tank would be adequate for 2 corny kegs? How long does a 5lb tank typically last? Thanks! :mug: