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  1. badlee

    New York beers to try

    Dear all, I live in Thailand, but will have a friend in New York to bring me some cans over. If you were to reccomend 10 ipa,iipa,ris, brett beers or sours that are easily obtainable in NY, what would they be? Cheers very much in advance.
  2. badlee

    Diluting big beer with small beer

    Hi all I have a big stout that came out bigger than planned: 12% and it is in half litre bottles. If I were to brew a beer of about 3% and blend them 50/50 in the glass, how strong woth the resultant beer be? Cheers in advance Lee
  3. badlee

    Buckwheat question

    Dear all I am thinking of doing a buckwheat saison using unmalted groats. My question is, in the absence of buchwheat in my brewing software, what grain would be a good substitute with regards to available extract? Cheers Lee
  4. badlee


    Hi all I would like to start swapping between Starsan and iodophore, but cannot get my hands on the latter where I live. Can I substitute the regular iodine that is used to apply to wounds? If so, what would be the ratio? Cheers very much in advance.
  5. badlee

    I have a strange question. Lager related.

    So, ladies and gents, I brewed on Sunday and relused that due to over shooting my OG, under shooting my colour( forgot the chocolate wheat) and intentionally over bittered. It was going to be a Vienna lager. OG 1.060 2/3 Vienna malt 1/3 pilsner malt 40 ibu( mostly Saaz at 60 and 20 with a...
  6. badlee

    Hallertau Nugget?

    Does anybody have experience brewing with Hallertau Nugget by any chance? I just saw them over here in Thailand and they are cheap( 180Baht for 2oz) and thought I would give them a try. Cheers
  7. badlee

    Huel Melon/ Nelson session neipa

    So I am looking to brew a 1.045-ish neipa inspired beer and thought of HM and Nelson as a combo. What do you think of those hops together, given that the hop profile will be somewhat blured? Cheers
  8. badlee

    spicing the mash?

    So, adding spices to a beer is not exactly cutting edge, but I had an idea I will be brewing a no-boil(raw ale) imperial oatmeal stout and had the idea of adding some cinnamon and clove to the mash. It is a small batch, 6 litres, OG 1.080. I will already be adding 25gr of Columbus pellets...
  9. badlee

    Roasted wheat

    I have some roasted wheat, but have not used any yet. I was hoping to be able to use in in place of midnight wheat, which I cannot get. Is this going to be an ok substitution? Cheers
  10. badlee

    Thick mash to gain better efficiency?

    After listening to a recent MBAA podcast with brewers from St Arnold I was wondering how thick one could go with a mash without it being too dry. The gist was, that the thicker the mash, the more water is held back to sparge with, thus a more efficient mash. Any thoughts?
  11. badlee

    Thomas Fawcett Red Crystal Malt

    I have ordered some of this crystal malt and have never brewed with it before. This from the vendor's site 400-EBC Red Crystal Malt (1 lb) - Thomas Fawcett & Sons For all kinds of red, amber and dark top-fermented beers, especially Bitter, Porter, Stout and Russian Imperial Stout...
  12. badlee

    Rogue kolsch 2

    Hi all Does anybody have any idea what strain the #2 Kolsch yeast is that Rogue use in their Honey Kolsch? Cheers
  13. badlee

    Capper locks up

    Hi all My capper locks up and is very hard to get off the bottles when I swap out the plates and use a 29mm bell. It also leaves BIG dents in the cap. It is a red Emily brand capper and I NEVER have problems when capping standard size bottles(26mm). Any ideas on why this happens? Cheers
  14. badlee

    Juniper berries and Kveik

    Hi all I am hoping to soon have some Kveik to brew with. I would like very much to stay as close to tradition as possible, but cannot get juniper branches. Berries however,I have. So does anybody have an idea of what weight of berries I would need to use per litre to substitute for the branches...
  15. badlee

    What yeast is it?

    I have a sachet of dried yeast from a Polish lab called Gozdawa; Belgian Gruity Spicy Ale Yeast (BFSAY). This yeast has a wide temperature range:18-30c. It has however,a rather low alcohol tolerance of 8.7%, according to the info provided. They list it as good for Abbaye ales,Belgian ales and...
  16. badlee

    Raw coconut Gose

    I am thinking of throwing in some unprocessed raw coconut flesh into a Gose I will be brewing soon. I am leanig towards using it in the mash. An idea I heard on an episode of 4 Brewers,btewery forgotten. I have seen all sorts of coconut Porters,Stouts and IPAs, but has any body out there done...
  17. badlee

    Gose yeast of choice

    I am obsessing a lot about Gose of late,with a thought that will not leave me alone; Does anybody use hefeweizen yeast in their Gose? Or is it all either clean boring ale yeast, or Brett? What do you all use? Cheers
  18. badlee

    Special B and amber mild

    I am thinking of brewing a small batch this weekend,6 litres. I was goung to go with : 70% pale 17% Spec B 3% pale choc 10% TF amber malt 15gr Hallertauer each at 60 & 20. wlp550 Anglo-Belgian mild I have never used Special B and wondered if anybody with expetience could give their view. Cheers
  19. badlee

    Chouffe yeast tripel

    I am going to be brewing a tripel in the next few weeks using yeast harvested from Chouffe bottles. I can already see that this yeast is a monster,climbing out of a 1000ml flask on my stirplate with a started of 600ml. Can anybody with experience give me pointers on how to plan my fermentation...
  20. badlee

    Australian hops in saison

    Got you! Sorry,no sexy hops. I am not a hop snob,even though I do love the sexy exciting kinds. I am thinking of Pride of Ringwood. I have not used it in years and was wondering if you guys/girs have used it recently or had it in a saison. How was it? Cheers