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  1. J

    Is this mold?

    Yeah we're gonna bake it it out. Would it also work to boil it? Back to the beer itself. I am familiar with lactobacillus and it's effect. I have just never saw it actually. I had a sour from New Belgium I really enjoyed, but I don't remember what it was called. I have never intentionally...
  2. J

    Is this mold?

    I'm guessing it was the therminator that is the root cause of this issue. It was a an IPA. Should i just let it sour? Lol
  3. J

    Is this mold?

    I've been brewing for a while now and have got along pretty well. I do only all grain these days. I've never had to ask so I'm afraid I know the answer, but is this an issue?
  4. J

    using a beer gun as a faucet on a kegerator

    What are you trying to achieve here? Would a growler filler hose do what you're wanting? Just slip that in your tap.
  5. J

    such a waste

    Airlocks cost less than $3. I have never considered not using one. *unless open fermentation was appropriate or desirable for a certain style product. Generally I like to keep my environment tightly controlled to achieve a consistent quality product.
  6. J

    Important Statement From Midwest Supplies

    if you got NSF fees it must have been debit. I would advise against using debit, especially online because of things like this. It can tie up funds you need or don't even have. Not to mention debit liability is different from credit. At least on credit you have time to dispute and resolve the...
  7. J

    Important Statement From Midwest Supplies

    I got the letter yesterday. Up until this point ( I don't frequent the forums a lot) I didn't realize there was an issue. I never got any fraudulent charges, perhaps I was lucky. I do a lot of online shopping and over the past 8 years or so my credit card has been used fraudulently 3 times...
  8. J

    Question regarding corny kegs

    I just had a 1/6 barrel (5gal) of Fat Tire. Its almost the same size as my pin-lock kegs. I don't now how many big companies offer those, but I bet a lot of smaller breweries do. It works good because the Kegerator can fit 2 corny kegs. If I want to have a home brew and a commercial brew on tap...
  9. J

    Cold crashing question

    If I were going to use it for brewing generally speaking I would just wire up an external control. You might be able to mod the internal thermostat to do what you need, but and external digital unit is easy to adjust without guesswork for different temperatures required for different processes...
  10. J

    Worst Commercial Beer You've Ever Had?

    Big Flatts Premium Brew. I had never heard of it and didn't buy it. A "friend" of mine bought it and couldn't drink it so he gave it to me. As far as I know it's only sold at Walgreens. I think I've been in a Walgreens once in my life and my first question is who goes to Walgreens exclusively...
  11. J

    I May be a Professional Idiot!

    I don't see any major problems. I'm just getting going good, but when brewing from kits I use some of the DME for the starter and pitch the entire starter. (Might change that in the future by getting an extra bag of DME for starters). You added the extract before the boil, which I would consider...
  12. J

    Who uses garden hose water to brew?

    I'm fairly new to brewing, but I've been using regular garden hose with a carbon filter on the end. I need 100ft of hose to get to the building where I brew. I'm going to run a hydrant over there and will probably switch to white rv hose when I can get by with 25ft. Drinking from the end of my...
  13. J

    Help! Nicked Fridge Coil

    You are correct. I didn't use the right terminology. Sure you can get 134a at almost any auto store or walmart. I'm not sure what kind of connections it takes to charge a fridge or if it even has the ports. I think some systems these days are sealed and you have to put ports on them, which...
  14. J

    Help! Nicked Fridge Coil

    Why couldn't you enlarge the hole you cut (carefully), solder the line, and recharge the freon?