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  1. sohara

    Plastic barrel for electric HLT

    Hi All, I'm planning to convert an HDPE plastic drum into and electric HLT using a 5500 watt element. I have two questions about this. First, what would be the best way to secure the element to the drum. I know the element comes with a rubber gasket and I could use a simple locking nut on...
  2. sohara

    Question on watts/voltage

    Hi there, I don't have much electrical background so I was hoping I could ask a question about wattage and voltage of heater elements. I have a ~25 gallon kettle that is powered by a single 4500 watt element (rated at 240). As you can imagine, the kettle is seriously under-powered. Toda we...
  3. sohara

    Glycol chilling of 55 gallon drum with stainless coil

    Hi there, I am about to start brewing in large quantities to fill 55 Gallon plastic drums. The drums will be replaced by 60 gallon plastic conicals later on (it takes a while for orders to be fulfilled). I will need temperature control, and I will have access to glycol system designed for...
  4. sohara

    Slow / stuck double IPA fermentation

    Hi All, I've had really bad luck with a DIPA fermentation and I can't wrap my head around what could have gone wrong. The recipe is basically a Pliny clone. My original gravity was 1.082 and I pitched about 400 ml of fresh slurry from a previous primary into the new wort (about 6 gallons)...