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  1. doublejef

    Acidity after fermentation

    Hi folks, Do you guys already try to look at the acidity into cider before and after fermentation buy taking measurements ? How is it moving ?
  2. doublejef

    Rack for homemade press

    Hi there, I decided to design and make my owm cider press and I target to do Something like that : For the parts that will be in contact with the apple and the juice, I would like to use only material that can be sully cleaned and sanitised. That mean only inox and plastic. I found anything I...
  3. doublejef

    Apple Sweetening before pressing

    Hi, In the Jolicoeur's book, he talk about the period of time cider makers let the apple resting in a cool place between Harvest and pressing. There is a lot of purpose work of pectin, water evaporation,... so I really think it Worth the wait but he is not really clear about the condition of...
  4. doublejef

    Aging or not aging, bottle or not...

    During my Journey of cidermaker padawan, I face a lot of questions and when I think I finally get answered, my experiments bring me more doubt. I was already convinced that a cider needs time after fermentation to become good and have all the apple flavour and complexity. Yet, one some wild...
  5. doublejef

    Apple Selection

    Hi there, Do you guy know some kind of bible, book, internet site or any other source where I can find a list of apple varieties with specifications like acidity, tanin, juice density,... I already found some in books I have but it is obviously not complete. I have a list of apple I can get at...
  6. doublejef

    Cider fermentation - Make yeast Happy or not

    Hi all, Since a couple of months, I'm reading (and listening) a lot about all the technical aspect in cider and there is a point where two radical point of view seems to coexist about fermentation. The old school way Official method in Normandy and basically the way everybody is doing with...
  7. doublejef

    Questions about Sulphite (again)

    Hello there, I have an opportunity to get some fresh pressed apple juice from a orchard this next winter. So I'm making all my plan to be ready when the time will come. Most part of the question I'm still asking myself are about sulphite and I would like to opinions on some specific point...