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  1. jmitchell3

    Out of the game for 3 years, about to do a new recipe

    a hopped farmhouse cider. Looking to get fresh unfiltered cider from Costco or something, ferment with a kveik yeast strain and hope the cider with something nice to give it a bit of complexity. Quick turn as the kveik strains will ferment fully in a few days. Any idea for hop type or rate...
  2. jmitchell3

    Quinoa for Head Retention?

    So haven't brewed since the springtime, but am planning a brew for the next week or two. While visiting the store, i noticed some new malts and grains including flaked quinoa. The say on the page that flaked quinoa helps with head retention but doesn't contribute...
  3. jmitchell3

    Chechnya on The Session (The BN)

    There was a session episode in the last 12 months where the Chechnya bit went on for a good 20 minutes and i almost wet myself. Anyone remember which episode it was?!
  4. jmitchell3

    Arizona Blichmann Kettles, BrewEasy Adapter, Therminator

    Hello all. I have the following for sale after an upgrade to a 10gal system: 1) 10 gal 220v electric Blichmann G2 kettle. Includes power cable. ($425) 2) 7.5 gal Blichmann G2 kettle with false bottom ($310) 3) 5 gal Blichmann BrewEasy adapter collar and 1/2" quick connect barbed fittings ($120)...
  5. jmitchell3

    When to add acids?

    Ok, Water question. When should liquid acid (lactic or phosphoric) be added to the mash....prior to dough in and heating, after heating but prior to dough in, or after dough in?
  6. jmitchell3

    Rice vs. Millet for base malt

    Anyone have opinions on this? I've used pale millet malt for the first 4 batches I've done, but I'm interested in trying either a mixed base malt grist and full rice malt base to see if the flavors are a bit less sweet than full on millet....
  7. jmitchell3

    US-05 Very High Attenuation, 85%++

    Anyone else had experience with US-05 attenuating crazy high like this? My last 3 batches with this yeast have gone absolutely nuts. The last was a pale ale mashed at 152F that attenuated to 1.007 (90% pale ale malt, 5% victory, 5% C60). I use an electric temp controlled RIMS mash--so my mash...
  8. jmitchell3

    Unsolicited water advice....

    Been brewing for 3 years now. Ive learned this: use RO water. Seriously. Save your money on testing and such and just buy two 5 gallon jugs at $5 each and fill them with your local grocery's $0.25 per gallon filtered water. Or RO water from your home system. Testing is a waste of time...
  9. jmitchell3

    Perlick 630SS Drips after pouring

    So I have Perlick 630SS faucets and invariably i get at least 2 drops that drip after every pour. Is there a way to adjust these so they don't drip at all, or are my expectations too high?! :D
  10. jmitchell3

    GF Blonde Ale, Batch 2

    Hey all, just wrapped up a brewday yesterday of batch 2 of my gluten free blonde ale. Did it on a different system and tweaked the recipe a bit. See my original post here: I submitted the "batch 1" finished beer to Dr. Homebrew on The...
  11. jmitchell3

    White labs wlp-4300 opti-mash

    Anyone know of this product WLN-4300? The documentation says it aids in liquefaction of starches in adjuncts (aka adjunct starches in corn, oats, and wheat) in the absence of enzyme rich barley malts. Says it uses a bacterial alpha amylase. 1) not clear on what exactly liquefaction is, but i...
  12. jmitchell3

    Blichmann tower of power stand build

    Hey all, I have a blichmann tower of power LTE stand ( that I'm looking to either enhance or replace to accommodate the following: 1) adding a bracket to hold my CFC 2) place to hang tubing/lines for storage 3) castors...
  13. jmitchell3

    Stout turned out like soda instead of beer

    Hey all. So this is kind of the first time in 60+ batches ive really been stymied. Brewed an oatmeal stout last saturday, knocked out and pitched 1 purepitch wlp-005 and 1 packet S04 into 6 gallons in my fermenter. Oatmeal stout, OG 1.057. It fermented to 1.023 by monday morning and just...
  14. jmitchell3

    Hop-back / torpedo-style vessel?

    Ive considered the hop rocket from blichmann but really want something with tc fittings, so i was considering this from Does anyone have any experience with vessels like this?
  15. jmitchell3

    Draft line balancing act....

    So im settled the calculators suck. Ive had a beast of a time balancing my high-carb lines. I have 6 ft 3/16" bevlex on my normal lines (2ft rise, normal shanks and taps) and it seems it could likely take 7ft. For 3+ vols, im running 8-9 ft with perlick 650s almost all the way closed. Im...
  16. jmitchell3

    Arizona Blichmann Therminator plate chiller for sale, $150

    Have a Blichmann Therminator that came with my BrewEasy system about a year ago. Used it for 10 batches, cleaned and maintained per Blichmann's manual. Works very well. Switched to CFC with Tri Clamps for sanitation purposes so I don't have use for the Therminator at this time. Buyer pays...
  17. jmitchell3

    First Mead In the Fermenter

    Well my first mead is in the fermenter. The plan (at the moment) is to do a straight semi-sweet mead. 3 gallons of RO water, 11 lb of clover honey, 2 packets of D-47. OG on 4 gallons was 1.097, target FG is 1.015. Rehydrated both packs of yeast in a GoFerm solution, and after it had a...
  18. jmitchell3

    Stalled Fermentation? WLP-017 Whitbread Ale in Special Bitter

    Hey all. Wow, this is the first time in 50 batches this has happened. Have a special bitter mashed at 151F, with yeast nutrient and O2 added - OG 1.044. Pitched single purepitch pack of white labs wlp017 (manufacture date 4/28/16). Had airlock activity within 12 hours. This was thursday night...
  19. jmitchell3

    Mashing kolsch in the low pH 4s?

    Just found this presentation from weyermann where they list on slide 15 mash pH for some traditional styles...with kolsch and alt beer mashed in the low 4 range. This seems quite low...any thoughts?
  20. jmitchell3

    Arizona 1"/1.5" Compatible TriClovers with 1/2" Straight and 90* Elbow Barbs

    Extras i dont need...these prices are $2 less each than the cheapest price i could find online. $8 Each - 2x Straight 1/2" Hose Barb $10 Each - 2x 90* Elbow Hose Barb Will ship via USPS Priority or UPS Ground or Overnight. Buyer pays shipping. Paypal only. Cheers!