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  1. PKnotlost

    One tap Beer tower new.

    This tower is off from an Insignia single tap kegerator. I wanted a 4 tap, I made my own so I never used this one. It is a very nice Insulated single tap, it has a self-returning valve. You can remove the twist on the bottom, (its attached with 4 number #10 screws) and bolt the tower down as an...
  2. PKnotlost

    The most expensive way to Homebrew

    Two problems not yet mentioned are. The monkey wrench is your grains are always subtle different sometimes not so subtle. So exactly repeating results are not easy ore even possible. The maintenance of this is huge, way past the majority of brewers. It’s a trouble shooting nightmare.
  3. PKnotlost

    All Grain Stout used wrong grain uggh!

    Your worst case scenario is that you have to age it a month longer. Age will mellow any dark beer I have made.
  4. PKnotlost

    Pumpkin Ale.

    I’ve learned that the pumpkin flavor mainly comes from the other ingredients and spices rather than solely upon the pumpkin I use this recipe and it’s fantastic. Southern Tier Pumpking
  5. PKnotlost

    LODO, US-05, diacetyl, infection? lacto pedio?

    The problem is probably related to the mold, but in a complex way, and it still can develop those things you mentioned. But those flavors are a yeast effect not mold.
  6. PKnotlost

    Bitter IPA

    Secondary is fine if conditions are right. But you may be looking at 3 to 5 weeks or more.
  7. PKnotlost

    Bitter IPA

    Well there the reason! 3oz of total hops is all I like and mag hops are strong strong. You can save it by aging it, it will be fine after time, lord knows it won’t spoil [emoji12]
  8. PKnotlost

    Refractometer reading is way off compared to hydrometer. What am I missing?

    Hey ancientmariner I don’t think enough brewers do that. It’s the part where the art comes in not just a science brewer. Learn what it should taste like! Keep it fun.
  9. PKnotlost

    Got a new pH meter!

    Calibrate at each usage.
  10. PKnotlost

    Fermentation seems to have nearly stopped after 7 days?

    You need to know the sugars that were made depending on your mash temperatures. Your MT will make both Fermentable and non-fermentable sugars. Good programs can help, but your hydrometer and taste can be be pretty good as brewing is part art.
  11. PKnotlost

    First cider. Funky? We will see...

    Your limited by your yeast, all you can do is balance your sugar (starting gravity) to the yeast tolerance
  12. PKnotlost

    My PID is acting up, how can I tell if PID or SSR issue?

    Just for kicks check the screw tightness on them I have had wires come loose 2x and chased rabbits for hours both times.
  13. PKnotlost

    Essential Oils v. Cold-Brew v. Dried Mint

    The oil would definitely give you the most peppermint but it’s going to kill your head retention. But it’s the only sure bet for flavor. Next time pull some of your mashed out set it aside in the fridge or freezer when you’re ready to flavor with 4 cups of the mash that you saved make a pan...
  14. PKnotlost

    4 days in and airlock not bubbling anymore.

    At 1.006 yeast is finished there is basically no sugar left, what is there for them to eat? Only clearing is left for it.
  15. PKnotlost

    How much should I worry about oxygen if racking after 1-2 days?

    your good, its early so it only in the oxygenating wort phase... sooner the better though after 3 days its iffy. IMOP
  16. PKnotlost

    Yeast rinsing / repitching help?

    That looks right to me, regardless of what pictures your referring to. You can just dump that in your next bucket of wort and you will be good.
  17. PKnotlost

    Should I make another Starter and pitch again? Did I mess up? 1068 ESB

    I guess it really depends on your equipment and location, and I normally brew only in cold weather. Right now my garage where the beers ferment can be as low as 40, so I pitch the yeast when beer is about 70, and then leave the garage to cool down naturally (its up to 75 to 80) in there after...
  18. PKnotlost

    Should I make another Starter and pitch again? Did I mess up? 1068 ESB

    Your method is kinda strange, you may want to separate your batches first so you’re more certain of what yeast you’re getting into the batch. And most agree to get wort going pitch when the wort is warmer. Just some thoughts.
  19. PKnotlost

    Carboy Size With No Secondary

    Definitely go bigger don’t worry about the dead space it will all be co2
  20. PKnotlost

    Help with Raspberry Port

    You can thin it down with the cheapest flavorless white wine you can find