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    chunks of gross stuff occasionally coming from taps

    Got a keg fridge last winter and have been happily kegging my beers now, using inexpensive garden-variety taps. The taps seem to occasionally get slightly obstructed by some kind of gross rubbery stuff that dries or grows in them, and every now and then will squirt out into my beer (like once...
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    bavarian hefeweizen and mash/sparge PH

    So i'm just learning about water chemistry, found out my water is somewhat alkaline (179ppm), and the results of adding some acid to the sparge and to the mash for lighter beers has been pretty dramatic in my normal ales and even stouts. However, the one lighter beer that never had any issues...
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    upgrade from papazap bucket sparge advice

    I've been searching and reading threads for days on here, and it seems like the mash/sparge process is one of those things where there are 9137849182374 different perfectly fine ways to do it, so I need advice. After decades of extract brewing, I started all-grain brewing 3 years ago, with a...
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    water chemistry experiment with NE Pale Ale

    So after a couple years of all-grain brewing, I'm finally learning about water chemistry, and I got at least some local water reports to get in the ballpark until I spring for a water test kit. Turns out my water is very low in both sulfate and chloride (27 and 5 ppm respectively), so I thought...