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  1. CrimsonYeti

    Flow issues after adding a second keg

    So i had a keg already on for a couple weeks and it had been fine set at 12psi serving pressure. Added a second keg in the system which has always been no issue and now the flow from #1 is almost nothing. And then keg #2 is acting like its got too much flow and is nothing but foam. Temp is...
  2. CrimsonYeti

    Fast ferment conical

    This is the first time i am using my conical. I have the collection ball setup on the bottom. My question is If i remove all the trub and yeast will there still be enough yeast floating to carbonate in bottles? If not enough how should i handle bottling?
  3. CrimsonYeti

    Big beer Yeast question?

    I am planning a very high OG IPA for this weekend plan on using wyeast 1056. I have 2 smack packs. The OG is calculated at 1.110 . Ehat do i need to do to help make sure i don't starve the yeast.
  4. CrimsonYeti

    Cold brewed coffee add to beer

    Guys this may be out there already. But, i am looking to add cold brewed coffee to my next Vanilla Cream Ale. A 5 gallon batch. How much can I use without overpowering the brew?
  5. CrimsonYeti

    Galaxy hops

    Is it possible to get Galaxy Hop rhizomes here in the states?
  6. CrimsonYeti

    Good recipe with leftover hops?

    I have 4oz of Nelson sauvin and 2oz of Pacific jade to use up. Looking for an idea on a recipe.