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    question form 1st year grower

    Hey- I'm seeing some things on my hops that are causing some concern. 3 shots are different leaf problems. 1st one I think is normal... bottom of vine yellowing when cone production starts. photo #2 is a strange looking shriveling/curling #3 is a yellow spotting that is starting to...
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    Sans Le Chat from "Wild Brews"

    "A Pale beer fermented with two or more strains of Brettanomyces. Primary fermentation with brett Lambicus or brett brux produces the characteristic wild, fruity aromas and flavors. the malt and hop character is kept very low. A slower, cooler fermentation increases the development of...
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    Rough brew day

    Argh! Just got done brewing the Sans Le Chat recipe from wild brews. Tested my immersion chiller before using. And then it sprung a leak and added a gallon of water to the boiled down wort. Ended up .020 below starting gravity with 6 gallons instead of 5. No time to boil down back to the...
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    I've never used the 565 strain, but i'm amazed by wlp568! In 7 days took my saison from 1.065 to 1.008 and its still going. Ambient was 88-90 degrees Smells AAAMAZING, too!
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    Another 3787 is insane thread

    About two weeks into fermenting my Tripel. OG was 1.089, and it appears to have reached a final gravity of 1.008 (three cheers for 90% attenuation!!). The blowoff was so active it kinda sounded like a small motorboat was in my blowoff bucket. Looking forward to trying this (probably mid May...
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    Brew Day Disaster

    So I had a little free time this morning before having to be at work this afternoon. Why not knock out that KBS clone I've been wanting to do? I had previously brewed Orfy's Mild and had a cake of Nottingham waiting for the stout. Mash/Sparge Boiling all were great. Hit 75% brewhouse eff...
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    Bottle Harvesting

    Just wanted to stop by to say I officially have my first batch using yeast harvested from commercial bottles fermenting now! Thanks to the tips found here, I harvested the Bells Strain from their Pale ale, and pitched into an IPA after stepping up the starter a few times. This is easy...
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    Lager fermentation in FRC445GB

    So, I have a Frigidaire FRC445GB that will be converted to a kegerator soon. In the meatime, I am planning on using it to ferment and lager a Pils. The fridge runs too cold for fermentation, and I would rather not drop the $75 on a new thermostat (i did just buy all of the hardware for a...
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    Hey- If you were waiting for a sale to finish your kegerator (like me), let me be your enabler :) all orders over $250 have free shipping.... for about $280 shipped I got a two keg door tap system With the pearlick forward sealing tap...