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    First Lager - 60 hours - still no fermentation

    I brewed my first lager on Saturday. Here it is Mon. evening and still no fermentation. I used Saflager S-23. A small test vessel of the same wort started fermenting at 12 hrs. but nothing has happened in the 5 gal. bucket. I only pitched one packet. I am tempted to pitch another. At what...
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    Lager lag time- what is normal- need advise

    After brewing a few ales successfully and having rigged a small lagerator I decided brew my first lager. This is a 5 gal. vienna lager kit from MoreBeer. The wort temp was 65 when pitched. I had hydrated the yeast before pitching but do not know the temp. of it when pitched. (approx. 75F)...
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    Fermentation - Fast and Furious

    My first batch. Brown ale kit by TrueBrew. I rehydrated and primed the yeast according to Palmer. I used Coopers dry but an 11 gm. package and not the smaller package provided. Pitched yeast at about 70 - 75F. Four or five hours after pitching it took off and almost blew out the air lock...
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    Cooling the wort-need suggestions

    What is the best way to cool down the wort? I know ice can be added or a cooler used. Is it reasonable to put 2-3 gal. of really cold water in the fermenter and add the hot wort directly to it? Are there any really unaccptable things I should be aware of before brewing my first time this weekend?