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    chunks of gross stuff occasionally coming from taps

    Got a keg fridge last winter and have been happily kegging my beers now, using inexpensive garden-variety taps. The taps seem to occasionally get slightly obstructed by some kind of gross rubbery stuff that dries or grows in them, and every now and then will squirt out into my beer (like once...
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    Do I need to calculate my sparge water exactly when batch sparging?

    yes. as you have probably noticed, the wort keeps getting lighter and thinner, so you won't be missing much.
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    My New England IPA is never hazy enough.

    i would recommend putting half the dry hops in after 48 hours if you are pitching a nice healthy yeast, then wait another 5 days for the other half. This in my experience is part of what leads to haze (and delicious juicy flavors which are 198349813 more important than haze). I would also...
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    Campaign for Real IPA (CAMRIPA?)

    I call mine 'juicy pale ale'. It's become my favorite style, but..... like most other styles, I find that 95% of commercial examples are not nearly as good as my own. The last few years I've started to lose interest in visiting breweries because the beer is so 'meh'.
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    Help understanding pellets vs leaf hops use.

    i have used both. pellet hops are a little more efficient, and also a little less hassle when racking. whole hops seem to me to result in a very slightly clearer beer. basically my strategy is to use pellets unless that year's pellets haven't been processed and made available for sale yet. They...
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    How can people possibly get super hoppy “juicy” NEIPA flavors so quickly

    That is some pretty bizarre thinking imho. I've been brewing and drinking IPA's for a long long time, and from my first taste of a weldwerks juicy bits, it was pretty clear that it is a completely different animal. I spend time in bend every year visiting breweries, and as of last spring, have...
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    Anyone who lived in Germany circa mid 80's. Beer seems different.

    Intel or artillery? or something else. I was in Augsburg from 85-91. I think freshness is likely the key to the OP's question. We traveled to prague a couple times, and the difference between czech exports and german pilsners vs the real deal in the czech republic was pretty dramatic. I've...
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    Why Take so Long to Ferment your Beer?

    that's ok with me, since my beer tastes better to me and my frirends than most commercial beers. for the OP, i have gone both ways, but I'm starting to find I get better clarity and smoother flavor by leaving the beer another week before bottling even tho it's pretty well fermented out by 7-10...
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    Benefit of kegging.

    I don't leave anything close to an ounce in bottles unless i'm really careless pouring the first glass of a 22-25oz bottle. the yeasts seem to settle pretty hard for me. I just keep pouring until i can see some sediment that is about to come out... then i stop. Usually like a teaspoon, sometimes...
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    Saving Water

    meh, i'll just skip showering on brew day, and move to where the water is.
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    that makes sense. i don't know if cold-crashing causes problems, since I only do cold 'fender-benders' to about 50-54 degrees, just to encourage more hop material to drop. i'll probably experiment with even less crashing and see if i can still avoid clogging up my old-school manual siphon rig.
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    New England IPA "Northeast" style IPA

    I'm not sure if this oxidation thing is a thing or not. My previous versions haven't exhibited any darkening, but my double with 6 oz of dry hops (2 oz of that being whole hops) may be. I better go open one and check. I think my strategy is going to just be to drink them up hella fast. So far...
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    Trying to pick a yeast that will not kill the malt in a IPA

    It came across *almost* cloying for me. I think in general, I would consider backing slightly off the crystal malts if I had developed a recipe for a different yeast. OTOH, the stout I just did with 1318, would have benefitted from MORE crystal, even tho last years version with 1450 probably...
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    Denny Favorite (wyeast 1450) yeast in New England IPA

    that's been my experience, but I only made 1 batch with the 1450 since I was using it for yooper stout. Other than that and the 1318, I have only tried WLP008 (cuz i had some), and wlp023 burton yeast. 1450 seems to really accentuate the malt and caramel, and not bring out as much juiciness...
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    Denny Favorite (wyeast 1450) yeast in New England IPA

    i tried it last year. it was drinkable, but not nearly as fruity as 1318, and dropped pretty clear pretty quick.
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    Turning BoiL KEtTle on Low during Sparge?

    i batch sparge in 2 batches, and pour the wort from each batch into the kettle separately (so I don't have to carry all 6.5 gallons at once). last year i started turning the kettle on low when the first bucket of wort goes in (along with first wort hops as appropriate), while the second bucket...
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    Cheating at Brewing Competition

    dunno nuthin' bout scores, but 98% of commercial american hefeweizen i've had is crap and tastes absolutely nothing like weihenstephaner or any of the other german brands. My impressions are based purely on living there for 6 years and drinking lots of hefeweizen (and doing blind triangle tests...
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    Cheating at Brewing Competition

    If you could get a fresh one, it would probably do fine. In my experience, hefeweizen is a fairly easy style, and the imported bottled ones are no better than the ones I make (according to non bjcp tasters such as my swmbo and friends, in blind tastings).
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    IPA burnout

    Meh, I lived in germany for 6 years near munich, and drank a crap-ton of beer. pretty much all the helles in bavaria tastes pretty much the same. There was greater diversity in the hefeweizens and darker beers. I'd guess beer from up north would probably taste different, but no one drank...
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    Cheating at Brewing Competition

    i think freshness and control over handling are huge advantages for homebrew. Much of my homebrew is consumed pretty quickly, but even the bottles that are 6-months or a year old have not been subjected to wide temperature swings or other maltreatment. admittedly if you get your commercial...