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    An old one sitting around.

    I have one I brewed on Jan31, 2015. Its been in the keg since then, but it never really carbed up much more than a puff when tested. Its a fairly heavy clone of a local brew called the Velvet Hammer. The basic malt content was: 14lb of lt malt extract, 2lb American Caramel Crystal 60L, 1 lb...
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    protein rest

    I'm gearing up for another all grain and have a question about protein rest. Apparently it is not needed for well modified malt. My question is about the grains like crystal and others which we "steep" at 130 or so prior to mashing. Is that essentially a protein rest for those grains?
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    Strong ale versus Barley wine

    So in general, what is the difference between a Wee Heavy English ale and a Barley wine?
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    When are hops flowers to be harvested?

    I have a hops plant that came up in a container from last year (Total fail last year growing them. I thought it was just too hot.) I put them next to my kids old wooden playset that I had grown some peas on. I trained the new vines up onto the lattice and they have taken off, growing clear to...
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    Just a little reassurance

    I have two 5gal batches of beer that have been in the first stage fermenter for 6 weeks now. One is a wee heavy and the other is a rye. I cant do anything with them until this Sunday. The plan is to keg both and let them condition in the kegs. I feel pretty sure they will be fine despite...
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    Multiple strain fermentation

    I've been having unusually good luck with my brews ever since I started this brewing thing. I think a big part of that is due to the good info I get here. Today's question is related to using multiple yeast strains. I have a wee heavy brewing (12lbs maris otter extract/2lbs crystal 60l...
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    Rye recipe

    I'm about to do a rye with 5lbs of pale extract and 3.3lbs of rye extract. The hops will be Kent Goldings, probably six oz and SA-04 yeast. Just looking to see if anyone has done one similar and has any suggestions of changes or additions. I guess it'll be a bit of a rye IPA but not on...
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    Just a word about aeration. I just purchased one of those stirrers that connects to a drill. This weekend wass my first opportunity to use it. I brewed up a pretty heavy batch dwith 10lbs of extract in five gallons with two lbs of specialty grains. The starting gravity was pretty high...
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    Carbination disaster

    Well I finally had my first major mess up but what a lesson learned. I brewed up a milk choc stout and got it into the bottles a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time I used my new bottling bucket and so I just put the liquid priming sugar mix into the bottleing bucket. Unfortunately I...
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    Sign My Petition

    In Texas and many, if not all, states it is illegal for Brewpubs to sell their beers off site and it is illegal for microbreweries to serve and sell their beers on site. There is a website where you can petition the white house to act on something which concerns you. As a beer enthusiast and...
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    On a roll

    Just a word for you just starting this little game of home brewing. I've been pretty steady with my one 6 gal better bottle and couple of Mr Beer fermentors. But since I got the two extra better bottles, I currently have a total of 30 gallons of beer either lagering or brewing. Not to mention...
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    I put together an IPA with 8lbs of light malt extract, some specialty grains and a bit of dextrine. I inoculated with rehydrated Danstar Nottinghams yeast, 11g in 120ml sterile mineral water and it got going pretty well. I usually have no problem keeping the temp down to around 66 to 68 but...
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    My First Year

    This morning I walked in to my "brew (fermentation) room", the fourth bedroom filled with accumulated junk, elated with the very lovely aroma of beer brewing only to find that the ceiling and walls were covered in yeast froth. The air-lock was clear across the room; my first blow out in twenty...
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    My First Year

    This morning I walked in to my "brew (fermentation) room", the fourth bedroom filled with accumulated junk, elated with the very lovely aroma of beer brewing only to find that the ceiling and walls were covered in yeast froth. The air-lock was clear across the room; my first blow out in twenty...
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    Late Random Pitch

    I fianlly made my first really big boo boo. I had some left over hopped extracts (ale and light classic) which was just enough to brew a nice two gallon batch of, well, I guess ale. I thought I'd experiement by adding a cup of honey. I got it all mixed up and set for pitching and noticed a...
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    First all grain

    Doing my first all grain brew as I speak. Its ten minutes in at 158 or there abouts. Its a Boddington's clone. Yes, I am a Bod's fan. I played racquetball with an English guy from Burmingham for about the past 12 years. Also enjoying a homebrewed Shoktoberfest; a dark lager. Very nice. In...
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    The Temptress

    I live in the Dallas area. there is a new microbrewery called the Lakewood Brewing Co in Garland. They have a very nice chocolaty stout called the Temptress. Anyone familiar with that one. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make something pretty close to that. Its a fairly big brew as...
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    Long time in the fermenter

    I started this lager a little over a month ago and time kind of got away from me. It is still on the yeast cake. It is a pretty big beer and had a pretty high OG. I'm gonna bottle it in the next few days. What can I expect?
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    Time in secondary

    I have this Hop Scare IPA going now. I started it on 8/22. It had about 8lbs of fermentables and I used WLP California V Ale yeast. I let it go to completion and on 9/9 racked it into a keg with some dry hops. Its been essentially at 69F to 70F since then; basically two weeks. I wrote about...
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    T-58 versus Wyeast Neobritannia

    I posted this in the yeast and fermentation column but am getting no info. I am getting ready to brew an extract Barley Wine from Norther Brewers. The yeast they shipped with it was the Neobritannia, but it has already puffed up and has been activated. I won't be ready to brew this for a...