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  1. Drumminguy81

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist? The ebay ones are cheaper. My experience is that they are all...
  2. Drumminguy81

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    While I have done one pass chilling with the stout chiller, i currently do not. I now have it setup in line to recirculate while i whirlpool and chill at the same time. I generally whirlpool until it chills to about 120* which takes 10 minutes or so for 21 gallons. Then i transfer to fermenter...
  3. Drumminguy81

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    Actually it does matter. While yes any 1.5" flange gasket will work, the purpose of triclamp fittings is to be a sanitary fitting for the food industry that does not have to be disassembled to clean. If the gasket i.d. does not match your tube size it will create a void between the flanges...
  4. Drumminguy81

    Adding TC Bottom Drain

    If I were to go that route I would order stout kettles with bottom drains already installed. But I'm pretty happy with my spike setup.
  5. Drumminguy81

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    Yes my system is all hard piped with 3/4 pipe and 1.5"tc fittings. I matched all piping sizes and gaskets and butterfly valves to build a truly sanitary system that can be c.i.p. I special ordered a lot of it from a supplier in china the 19mm butterfly valves were the hardest part to find but...
  6. Drumminguy81

    Adding TC Bottom Drain

    I have been wondering the same for years but not willing to experiment with mine. Would love to see someone accomplish it. Spike says it is not possible without ruining the kettle.
  7. Drumminguy81

    Do Tri Clamp Gaskets for 3/4" tube OD with a 1.5" flange exist?

    Yes they do exist. I have purchased them from suppliers in china, on ebay, and I even got some from glacier tanks a while back on clearance. Try searching for 19mm sanitary gaskets.
  8. Drumminguy81

    Stainless CFC's Anyone?

    I do. I have 30 gallon kettles usually 22-gallons when whirlpooling. While yes, it does work it will not be a very aggressive whirlpool. I usually turn on the whirlpool and my chiller water and just let it run for about 10 min. By then my temp has dropped a bit. I recently upgraded my pump to a...
  9. Drumminguy81

    Anyone have experience with CIP blichmann conical w/ chiller coil?

    I have some brewhemoth stainless conicals with spike chiller coils in them. I use a spike spray ball with a fairly powerful pump. I have been doing a cip on my conicals for years with great results. What I have found is I have to clean as soon as the fermenter is emptied otherwise the gunk dries...
  10. Drumminguy81

    Commercial Kegerator

    I have a true tdd4 that I picked up off craigslist years ago no reason you cant have one I your house but they are noisy and use a good bit of electricity. Just make sure you service it regularly, they can be expensive to repair. The only issue I had was finding someone that would even work on...
  11. Drumminguy81

    Brewtech 5.5 gal kettle and Brewhardware Heat Stick

    Cant answer your specific question but I do have a ssbt 5.5 gal kettle and heating element for sale if you are interested..
  12. Drumminguy81

    Help with stout faucet repair.

    Great information, I have the same faucet and stopped using it because of the same leaking issue. Can you tell me what part numbers you replaced and how much they were?
  13. Drumminguy81

    Brewtools b80pro steam hat on spike kettle

    Sure wish I knew that before I spent an arm and a leg getting this one from Norway. Looking forward to seeing what you guys have designed! Would love to be a tester for comparison! [emoji482][emoji41]
  14. Drumminguy81

    Brewtools b80pro steam hat on spike kettle

    Just thought I would throw this out there for anyone interested. Brewtools makes a pretty nice looking steam hat for their brew system for a steam condenser. I decided to order one to try out on my 30gal spike kettle. The model I ordered is for their b80pro and it fits absolutely perfectly...
  15. Drumminguy81

    Tilt V2 Hydrometer vs V3

    I contacted tilt directly to ask this same question and they told me: "The latest version of the Tilt (V3) has one cap. All previous versions have 2 caps. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help. Cheers," So my assumption is the plastic tube that houses the v3 is a...
  16. Drumminguy81

    Blichmann hoprocket

    Bump! Offers?
  17. Drumminguy81

    Blichmann hoprocket

  18. Drumminguy81

    Brewershardware tri clamp butterfly valves

    I have 3 pull handle type tri-clamp butterfly valves from brewers hardware. Two are 1" and one is 1-1/2". All for 1-1/2 triclamp compatible fittings. They are all in good condition with very little use. Asking $40 shipped each or $105 shipped for all 3. I also have 2 black knobs I will throw in...