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    Time for a brew house! Our build.

    Looking great so far.
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    Wooden Dowel Dip Stick

    I use a plastic ruler with some tape on it for gallon marks. I measure from the lip of my kettle down to the top of the wort. No need to submerge anything to measure.
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    Post build Kegerator pictures

    That is impressive. I don't know if I would have gone through all that trouble.
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    3 weeks of fermenting and still not ready??

    What temp is it fermenting at? A little warmer will speed up the finish.
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    Nevada Forum: Favorite brewery/brewpub/gastropub in the Silver State

    I haven't been too happy with Pigeon Head beers. Some were okay, but a few of the lagers I tried most recently were way too sulfury. They seem hit and miss right now.
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    Drip tray attached to front of keezer?

    Two L-brackets with magnets glued to them, wrapped in electrical tape to help with adhesion to the freezer. Velcro attaches the drip tray to the brackets. Holds 3 full pints with no issues and I can take it off easily.
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    How do I power my DC motor???

    You'll have to use a series of pulleys to step down the RPM of the mill if you're using a motor like that.
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    Funny fermentation - over attenuated?!

    Check to see if your hydrometer is off and that you're adjusting the readings for the measured temp.
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    Are you lazy

    I can be lazy at times, but I've always had the mindset of doing something right the first time rather than half-asked. I'm passionate about brewing and I want a quality product. Doing a double brew day can be fun when you care.
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    NHC Finals - Scores

    Thanks! It was my only entry to make it past the 1st round, but it was my lowest scoring beer. Go figure. First time entering into NHC and I was thrilled just to make it to the finals.
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    NHC Finals - Scores

    Good to know. I'll keep an eye out for mine. Got myself a silver in category 18.
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    Collar Porn

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    The Brew Stand Incredible Giveaway

    I feel good about this post.
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    Show me your fancy jockey box!

    It's not a good idea to have beer run though copper. The low PH and CO2 will pull stuff out of the metal. Looks great though.
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    cold crash and carbonation

    Two things. CO2 absorbs into solution more efficiently in cold liquid than warm, so it's best to carb cold. I've heard Vinnie at Russian River dry hops between 52 and 72 degrees. Any colder and you will have trouble getting the hop oils extracted into your beer and you'll have a loss in aroma.