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    Hi any home brewers from Bc They are in Vernon. Our prices will never be as cheap as our southern neighbours, but Hopdawgs seems to have a good selection and reasonable prices.
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    Discuss: What is "Craft" Beer?

    Hello All, A local (to me) beer blogger in Edmonton, Alberta has posted an interesting article attempting to define what a makes a particular beer (or company) "craft" or not. He does bring up a good point about the...
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    Magnetic Balls instead of a stir bar

    The only problem I see with that, is that the stir bars Are wrapped in plastic or teflon, while the balls will be bare metal. This would cause wear on the glass bottom. If you could find coated balls (insert joke here), it should work, but maybe just not as efficiently.
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    Favorite Cult Film?

    YES, YES, a million times YES! Our group of friends watched that awful movie dozens of times in high school. It has been 10 years+ since I have seen it so I don't remember all of the finer points, but I do remember enjoying the heck out of it.
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    Alright dads, be honest:

    I didn't do the breast pump with Starsan, but when we bought a bunch of plastic toys from a garage sale, we Starsan'd them. It was a great way to clean the unknown bugs off of them without soaking that would have ruined the paper labels. Once things are in the house, we don't over sanitise...
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    NHL Tribute beers

    Imperial Porter... that has some good potential! Black Gold Imperial Porter... I am going to have to look into this.
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    NHL Tribute beers

    For the Edmonton Oilers: The thickest, darkest stout you can brew (perhaps with a lot of oatmeal for that thick mouthfeel). You could call it "Dead Dinosaur Stout". For the Calgary Flames: Bud Light....
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    So Full It Hurts...

    Hahaha... well at least I didn't talk about being so full of meat that I couldn't move. As a side note, it is 7PM, and I am still full from lunch. Although I did manage to find room for a couple pints of slightly over-attenuated Honey-Brown homebrew (mis-calibrated hydrometer had us add more...
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    So Full It Hurts...

    Oh boy does it ever hurt... Every month the Mech Eng group here at work hold a BBQ where we all bring some items, fire up a grill and have a big lunch together. Normally it is frozen burgers, hotdogs, some salad and dessert, but this time, one of the guys went all out and brought fresh...
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    Today's Argument With Bob

    ***Off Topic Alert*** My 20 month old daughter knows how to say "beer" and goes to the fridge door when I ask for one (she can't open the door on her own yet). When I am transferring from the storage closet to the fridge she will help by grabbing the bottles and carrying them for me. I was...
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    Mind that boil-over...

    Was making a starter on the stove last night for this weekends first all-grain (BIAB) attempt, and I absent-mindedly just dumped 1 cup of DME into a pot of water that was at a full rolling boil... great mother of pearl that made a mess! :drunk: It instantly turned onto a tower of foam...
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    Canadian Suppliers Based in Vernon. I have never used them, I just know they are there.
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    Transporting a keg via motorcycle...any thoughts?

    That is an incredibly great idea! For even cheaper you could find one of the plastic tank holder backpacks (no BDC).
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    Critique Our Honey Brown Please

    We attempting to hit about 154~156 *F for the mash temp. If it is a touch low, we were going to fire up the burner and raise it up a bit, so most likely we will be err on the low side. I am thinking that we may raise the grain bag up and do a 170*F sparge with about 10L. Is this something...
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    Critique Our Honey Brown Please

    Hello, A couple friends and I are going to be doing our first all-grain batch this summer (using a turkey fryer BIAB method), and being complete newbies to all-grain I was looking for some help to critique our recipe. We are open to any and all helpful comments, thanks! From BrewTarget...
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    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    Add my name to this already very long list please... :ban:
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    Has anyone made a DIY stirbar???

    My local University Science supply lab charges 0.95 for a 1", 1.02 for a 1.5" and 1.20 for a 2" stir bar. I was not prepared to mess around with a DIY solution at those prices. Give your local college or uiversity science store a call, they may be able tohelp.
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    Brew Day Postponed, What To Do With Starter?

    Thanks for the input! I will just store the flash in the fridge until we get ready to brew again, then I will decant the old wort, top up with fresh and stir for a day, then cold crash for a day to drop the yeast out again. Thanks again, your advice is appreciated! :)
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    Brew Day Postponed, What To Do With Starter?

    I am looking for a bit of advice: My brew partner and I were goign to do a batch this weekend at his place where all of the equipment is. These plans got railroaded yesterday when his wife delivered their first child two weeks early! Needless to say, the brew day is going to be put on hold...
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    Beer Cocktails?

    A Mexican chain restaurant here has what they call Bulldogs. Make up a nice lime margarita and take a bottle of Corona (or Coronitta for a smaller drink) and invert it in the margarita. The beer doesn't pour out immediatley with the neck being submerged in the slush, and slowly works its way...