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    Carbonating & Lactic Acid

    Hey guys, I did a Belgian Sour, (Belgian Golden Strong Ale racked on top of 6# of cherries/blueberries), and I planned on adding 88% lactic acid after 7-10 days. Adding 1 teaspoon at a time of lactic acid per 5 gallons. My question is, will the lactic acid affect carbonating naturally with...
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    First Lambic

    Hey guys, I planned on doing a fruit lambic soon. I was curious if after I do the fruit and let it set for a while should I transfer to another carboy to bulk age and let sour or bottle and let age/sour individually in bottles? Will the results be the same if I do bottles? Also, from my...
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    First Homebrew Competition

    So, I entered my first homebrew competition a couple of weeks ago because I saw it being advertised. I had three bottles left of my Imperial Oatmeal Stout w/ Lactose & Vanilla Bean, so I figured why not? The feedback from the judges and seeing what BJCP people thought was important to me so I...
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    Fruit Lambic Without Infection

    Hey guys, I was gonna try to do kind of a fruit lambic but didn't plan on infecting the beer. I am going to use Wyeast 3278 Lambic Blend in primary fermentation then rack into a secondary with raspberries/blueberries and pitch a brett yeast. Then condition in a stainless steel keg for a couple...
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    Caramel Applie Turnover Stout

    I was thinking about doing this recipe as an Imperial Stout with a caramel apple taste. But, I don't know how to add the apples. I've read mixed reviews about using actual apples and most of the flavor will ferment out. I've read about using unpastuerized spiced cider, but couldn't find many...
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    Barrel Aging

    Hey, I know head-space is typically a bad thing when talking about secondaries. Is this still the case with barrels? Ex: If I was to buy a used 8 gallon bourbon barrel to age 5 gallon batches, would that be okay? Also - anyone who has done this... how long do you find you need to leave the...
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    Adjuncts and Fading Time

    Hey guys, how long do adjuncts such as Vanilla Beans/Toasted Coconut/etc, take to fade? I've read that the dominant flavor can fall off pretty quickly, but i'm curious what the time frame is for such. Can anyone who made a beer with secondary adjunct additives tell me at what point the...
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    Avoiding over-carbonation

    Hey, if i'm going to be aging a few beers and i'm worried about the possibility of over carbonating, what temperature is low enough that the yeast will go dormant and stop carbonating? I was thinking about taking them to my Dad's wine cellar instead of putting them in the fridge because I don't...
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    Extract Flavorings

    Hey guys if I used extract flavorings and think I over did it, that flavor will fade over time right? Especially from initial bottling to carbonation level?
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    How fast will a dry cap mold?

    See topic.
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    Coconut Porter, Normal? (Picture)

    Hey, so I did a Coconut Porter it was done fermenting with literally no krausen left on the top, beer looked completely clear. Last night, I added two hop bags of toasted sweetened Coconut (each bag had two whiskey stones to weigh them down). The bags ended up floating after initially sinking...
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    Waxed Bottles and ER

    So, what's the best way of opening thick wax sealed bottles of beer? After slicing open my hand and a trip the ER I've determined that my method is not very effective and probably not the best way to do it. How do you guys open thickly sealed wax top bottles?
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    Coconut in Secondary

    Nevermind - I can't find the delete post button either. I see edit/delete message but then cannot find the delete.
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    Toasted Coconut in Secondary

    Hey guys, if i'm doing a Coconut Porter - how long should I add the toasted Coconut for? (I'm also putting a few flakes into each bottle). I did a Cinnamon/Nutmeg Christmas Scotch Ale and I did 3 Cinnamon Sticks for 3 days in primary after fermentation. It came out great, but it was holy...
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    Unintentional Belgian-like flavors

    Hey guys, I made an amber ale and a strong ale with similar recipes, partial mash. Both were the same base grains and malts but the strong just had more extract. Both used California ale yeast. They both came out with ale bit of fruity belgian-like like flavors. They're still malty and still...
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    Lowering FG

    Hey guys, I just did a Coconut Porter and an Imperial Oatmeal Stout. The Coconut Porter was 1.054 and is currently 1.021, but there seem to be no more signs of activity. The Imperial Oatmeal was 1.104 and is at ~1.031, but there seem to be no more signs of activity. I would like to get...
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    No Krausen

    I brewed a Porter on Tuesday evening, by Wednesday morning there was a small thin layer of Krausen, much smaller than i'm used to seeing as they usually blow up and fill the rest of the carboy. This was probably 2-3 inches thick on the top. Now today, the Krausen has disappeared and it seems...
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    Where/How do you Label?

    After looking at the Show us your label thread, it seems like a lot of people have some really killer labels. Where/how do you guys print your labels? I've used and i've used Avery Rectangular labels and printed some myself. How are the people doing ones with burnt looking...
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    What's your highest attenuation?

    What is the highest attenuation that you've gotten? What yeast was it and what was the beer style? Go!
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    Starter Question

    You're supposed to add DME at 180 degrees then boil for 10 minutes right ? What if for my inside equipment and size wise I don't have anyway to measure temperature? Can I add the dme at boil or no?