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    La Trappe Quad

    I haven’t been able to find too many recipes for this beer. The brewery website states they use Pale, Munich, Caramel and Roast. I’ve not seen a recipe remotely resembling that. Anyway I’ve come up with something I think will work. The basic recipe for 22L into the fermenter looks like this...
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    Calcium Sulphate v Calcium Chloride Ratio

    I’m finding my way around all grain, and I’m fairly aware what each of these contribute to the finished beer. Now, as far as I’m aware these exist in relation to each other and are not generally used 100% in any beer. For example I did a IIPA and used a 1:4 Chloride to Sulphate ratio. Is there...
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    IIPA Carbonation Level

    I’m bottling my PTE clone tomorrow. Not really sure what carbonation level I should be aiming for. At this stage I’m thinking 2.6, unless someone can give me a reason to aim higher or lower. I just tried a good Aussie IIPA that was very low in carbonation, and was wondering if they did it on...
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    Russian Imperial Stout - How long in primary

    I’ve done quite a few RIS brews now, and typically I can get them from around 1.120 down to 1.022 in 7-8 days. I pitch heaps of yeast, ferment cool and get a good fermentation. I am curious how long everyone leaves their RIS sitting in primary. I always plan on 4 weeks, but usually get to the 3...
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    CBC-1 vs EC-1118 for Bottle Conditioning

    I have a 12.5% ABV RIS that spent 4 weeks in primary and 6 months conditioning in keg at 10C. Time to bottle soon. A previous RIS I made never carbed, so my experience with these numbers is the yeast is too old, too tired and has dropped out by the time it’s been through primary, conditioning...
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    Torrefied Wheat vs Flaked Wheat

    I’m about to brew a Dunkelweizen, and bought a small amount of both of these because I couldn’t decide which to get. I’m using it to improve the head retention in the beer. If you could use just one of these for the job, which would you pick?