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    Kegging question

    Hi all, I went and bought a keg system the other day and have a question or two. I'm currently in Kentucky and have 5 gallons of beer I want to put in my keg. However, I'm planning on driving down to Florida with it to enjoy the beer with some friends. I'm unsure about what psi I should set...
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    New to Canada

    Hi all, Ive just moved up to B.C from Washington state. I was wondering if anyone new any good Canadian websites to buy malt from, or any good shops to buy ingredients etc from. Im living on salt spring island, but its easy to get to Vancouver. Any info would be great. Cheers!
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    Dogfish Head 90 min extract recipe help

    Hi all, I would like some help with the dogfish head 90 minute IPA. My boss wants to have a go at brewing some beer and I said I would help. However Ive only ever done all-grain brewing and im very new at that, ive only done 5 batches. He has all the ingredients to do the extract 90min...
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    this thread will probably not go anywhere but...

    Im guessing there aren't too many Rugby fans on this forum but I could be wrong. Im from England and living in the US. And I love to watch rugby which is difficult to do is this country. But for anyone that is a fan. I hope they saw the England V New Zealand game. Possible the best Rugby...
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    Low SG (another thread)

    I brewed my third batch of beer today and got my lowest SG. So now im confused. My first All grain brew was the Excelsior Altbier from midwest. I ended up with an SG of 1.042. The recipe states it should be between 1.042-10.46. My second brew was the Big Ben Pale Ale. I ended up with an SG of...
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    Safeale US 05 question

    Hi All, I have a quick question about yeast. I want to buy several packs of dry yeast so I have them to hand should I need extra yeast. Im most likely going to be brewing IPA, Pale Ales and Altbiers. Will Safeale US 05 but ok for these styles of beer? Or is there a better dry yeast to get...
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    Cold Crash Question

    Hi All, Im new to home brewing and have been reading the forums trying to find answers to my questions but I still have a question to ask. Ive got my first two brews in secondaries and they are almost reading for bottling. Ive been reading a lot about cold crashing and how it helps clear...
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    First all gain complete now some questions

    Hi All, Brand new to the forum and to brewing beer. I brewed my first all-grain beer, 5 gallon batch, (first brew ever) at the weekend and now i have some questions. It was the Excelsior Altbier from midwest. Firstly once i had collected about 4.5 gallons of wort, I knew I has at least at...