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  1. Inner10

    Fermenting Grapes

    I realize it's a little late in the season but I called up my local grape wholesaler and they had 1 case of sangiovese grapes left so I ordered it and 3 grenache to be destemmed and crushed. That night when I opened up my buckets the sangiovese was already foaming up it was fermenting so...
  2. Inner10

    Guess I'll add that to my list of poor ideas...

    I hit a batch of mead with Sparkolloid to clear it, after a couple days I tasted it and it seemed a touch gassy so I put my vacuum pump on it. Lemme tell ya....I've never seen globs of lees soar through mead so quickly. :o
  3. Inner10

    Force Carbonating Wine

    Anyone have any suggestions for bottling wine from a keg without making a huge foamy mess? The counter pressure stopper on the tube idea is swell and all but it's a pile of pressure to hold back and makes for a slow fill. Think the Blichmann beer gun would work?
  4. Inner10

    Sulfite before bottling?

    Normally I add sulfites to my wine before bottling to help preserve it, should I do the same with my mead?