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  1. smithabusa

    Michigan dual temp controller - stc-1000 + brewsbysmith

    A customer traded this in on a pro controller, only used a couple of times. Stc-1000 + software as seen here by alphaomega. Has the optional tri color led installed. They are 98 shipped in USA new, 75 to your door in the USA. Includes controller, temp sensor, power cord.
  2. smithabusa

    New 30kw heating element

    Today at work one of our service technicians was replacing a pair of 30,000 watt, 480v 3 phase heating elements. I thought it would be fun to post up a pic. Can you imagine how quickly you could bring a small batch up to a boil with these bad boys? They are HUGE!
  3. smithabusa

    Dumb question on heat element and using wort chiller

    I haven't bought a heat element yet, but have a 15gallon kettle that I'm primarily doing 5 gallon biab batches in. I want to go electric, 240v and use alphaomegas stc-1000 mash software to control it. But I'm wondering with those that use the fixed heating elements can you no longer use a wort...
  4. smithabusa

    15 gallon 240v boil coil

    Looking for a 15 gallon boil coil 240v shipped to 49285 Willing to trade STC-1000 + controller(s) towards one if you have a need Thanks, Greg
  5. smithabusa

    saison adding spices after flameout, should I use strainer

    I always use a fine mesh strainer to transfer from kettle to primary, but this saison calls for orange peel, grains of paradise, coriander and honey at flameout. Would you not use a strainer.Going into primary so that all the spices stay in?
  6. smithabusa

    home built 4 tap tower

    My father in law overheard that I wanted to go from 3 to 4 taps and decided to build me one for xmas, how cool. A few pics, have to pick up admirer shank and some misc stuff to get it going. All brass faucets, trying to find some brass flanges instead of black plastic or chrome, or maybe just...
  7. smithabusa

    New bar towels today

    Not exactly high tech gear, but I thought cool nonetheless. Co worker if mine does embroidery on the side and made these for me
  8. smithabusa

    how often do you home brew?

    I brewed my first batch back in mid October of last year, and have done a total of 14 five gallon extract batches now. 4 batches of pumpkin spiced brown ale 2 batches of Belgian white delicious 2 batches of holiday cheer 1 batch of gingerbread brown ale 1 batch of Belgian Tripel (still aging) 1...
  9. smithabusa

    belgian trippel taste vs age

    I brewed an extract Belgian trippel about 5 weeks ago. Finished at about 10% abv. At 2 weeks into it when i measured final gravity i didn't enjoy the taste. Tried it again at about 3.5 weeks and still didnt like it (still in secondary by the way). Tasted it yesterday at 5 weeks and tasting...
  10. smithabusa

    Belgian Trippel w/ WLP550 liquid yeast hasn't started fermenting yet

    This is my 5th extract batch (done 2 pumpkin ale, 1 gingerbread brown, and holiday cheer so far without issues). Its been about 14 hours since I pitched the WLP550 and not seeing any activity in the blowoff tube as of yet. First time using a blowoff tube, only used the cylindrical style...