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  1. streetmachine

    Infected yeast starter?

    I tried washing some yeast and when I made a yeast starter from it, it never took off so I let it sit. I think it got infected tho.
  2. streetmachine

    Looking for a muscato. Any tips

    I live in NY but I think "wines with a twist" in Ontario canada might have it. Ill give them a call. Thanks. Anyone know if ec-1118 will work well with this juice? Or a diff yeast is more suited to a muscato.
  3. streetmachine

    Looking for a muscato. Any tips

    I've got about 15 batches of home brew under my belt. But now I have to fill the 32 wine bottles I've collected. So I figure a batch of muscato will get enjoyed by my whole family. Any tips on which brand is best, which yeasts to use, meta-by-sulphates, other chemicals yeast nutrients, OG/FG
  4. streetmachine

    Reuse Yeast Left in Carboy

    Hay guys, I want to reuse my yeast. Fermentation is finished but my mash is cloudy and no yeast cake at the bottom of my Carboy leads me to believe that the yeast is still in suspension. How long should I wait to collect it. Is it ok for me to cold crash my mash, or will that risk killing the...
  5. streetmachine

    What to do with a mead I can't drink...

    Any time "my friend" has a batch of beer/wine/mead turn out not so great he puts it in his water distiller to purify it. Comes out tasting like 40% of deliciousness. So great!
  6. streetmachine

    Maple syrup... Mead, possible?

    My neighbor offered me a gallon of maple syrup for $45 USD, his brother owns a tree farm. I thought maple syrup can't be too far from honey in regards to making a mead. Has anyone tried this? Do you think that it would be worth it to try and make it? Any yeast recommendations? I like EC-1118...
  7. streetmachine

    Water Heater Element - What size fitting?

    i am doing a build now that involves a 15 gal ss keg and a 1500 watt 110 volt water heater element. looking for a nice weldless fitting to connect them. I plan on heating about 7 gal of 10% abv mash up to ~174'F for about 6-8 hours. If your interested PM me.
  8. streetmachine

    Pros/Cons of Yeast

    Dump two or three pounds or white sugar or some dry malt extract in there. Yeast will eat it up for your benefit. ABV!
  9. streetmachine

    Free Stella Artois Chalice

    Just called and they said they were out of chalices
  10. day 2 british ale, Primary fermentation, my first all grain batch

    day 2 british ale, Primary fermentation, my first all grain batch

    day 2 british ale, Primary fermentation, my first all grain batch
  11. my xmas ale, 2 1/2 months in the bottle

    my xmas ale, 2 1/2 months in the bottle

    my xmas ale, 2 1/2 months in the bottle
  12. HomebrewWednesdays


    pics from my goings ons.
  13. streetmachine

    Scottish Heavy Walker's Gruagach 80/-

    Okay, I let the reduction boil for the 90 minutes then added it straight to the fermenter. So I would think that will help. Sorry for the resolution on this pic, I took it this morning in the basement before I left for work. The Krausen is about 1 finger tall.
  14. streetmachine

    Scottish Heavy Walker's Gruagach 80/-

    I just brewed this yesterday. I used 10 lbs of marris otter instead of the 9 lbs of two row and 1 lb of crystal. For my first attempt at an all grain batch I think I did pretty good. Ended up with 5 gallons in the fermenter and I collected another gallon from the mash tun to make an unhopped...
  15. streetmachine

    Following mead with apfel/ciderwine

    It's called pitching on a pancake. It's good idea if you're making similar brew after brew. Wouldn't suggest making a porter the pouring 5 gal of mead on the trub of that beer. Haha good luck and I always try to have 3 or 4 yeasties in reserve.
  16. streetmachine

    Three Cider Scenarios

    I just bought 3 gallons of apple cider. I am making 3 (1) gal batches on Wednesday. I will use a champagne yeast, sweet cider yeast and a dry cider yeast. Also planning on boosting the alc with white sugar/ brown sugar/ and apple juice concentrate (seperately). Since it'll be ready for the...
  17. streetmachine

    A Christmas Ale

    i made a xmas ale 2 months ago and used 1 tsp of nutmag, 1 tsp of allspice, 1 tsp of ginger, and 3 table spoons of cinnimon, not to mention the 4 orange zests. the orange comes through on the nose and the nutmag comes through on the initial tastes.
  18. streetmachine

    Experimental Amber

    sounds like it will be a nice dark amber. no bittering hops? i want to try that on my next batch i think that might be a good idea and a twist on the ordinary. Should turn out nicely. What yeast are you useing?
  19. streetmachine

    Tomarrow is Brew Day. Recipe Suggestions pleas

    I want to name this recipe "Simple Niagara". After I fnish the brew day and get it into primary.
  20. streetmachine

    Tomarrow is Brew Day. Recipe Suggestions pleas

    So I went to Niagara Tradition Home Brew And picked up some stuff so this is my final recipe for tomarrow (unless I change it). Aiming For 4.5 gallons of Wort SAFale S-04 with starter 1 can (3.3 lbs) Coopers Wheat LME 3 Lbs Plain Light Muntons DME 1 lb Caramel 1 lb Munich .5 oz...