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  1. Praiodan

    Washington 5 Gallon Electric Blichmann BrewEasy plus extras

    Selling my 5G BrewEasy; second owner, previous owner used once. I've put about 10 batches through it, everything is spotless and works great. LTE Stand is setup with Therminator. Blichmann Whirlpool port has been added to the BK All connections upgraded with camlocks. Transfer hose fitted with...
  2. Praiodan

    Washington Blichmann Top Tier, Blichmann Pots, Blichmann Top Tier 10 gallon setup

    Recently moved, and don't have room for my 10 gallon system any longer. I've got a Top Tier Stand, 15 gallon Blichamnn Mash Tun w/ false bottom, 20 Gallon Blichmann Boil Kettle and Tower of Power with flow meter. Also included - Upgraded March pump attached to stand, Thermonater, Auto Sparge...
  3. Praiodan

    Washington NIB Grainfather w/ Connect

    Hey all, I have a brand new in box Grainfather with the bluetooth connect control box that I got as a gift. I already have one and love it, so I'm asking if anyone in Washington or close vicinity would want it at a discounted price. Asking 900, which is about 100 cheaper than the units on...
  4. Praiodan

    Washington Picobrew Zymatic

    Selling my Picobrew Zymatic. Brewed with it quite a bit over the past year, but haven't been brewing that much as of late. Selling for $1250, everything included but the original box.
  5. Praiodan

    Coconut Lime Pale Critique

    Been wanting to try this combo for over a year now, but never got around to doing it. Thoughts on this recipe? 5 Gallons -13# 2 Row -1# white wheat malt -1.5# C15 -1# Carapils .6 oz Columbus 15% AA @ 60 min .75 oz Centennial 10.5% @ 20 min 1.5 oz Lime Zest @ 10 min Whirlpool 1.5 oz Centennial...
  6. Praiodan

    Washington Complete 10 Gallon System (Top Tier & Tower of Power)

    Been brewing on this for the past couple of years and looking to downsize and free up some room in the garage. Great system, well cared for. Host of extra camlocks that I'll include as well. Will only consider selling the lot; not parting anything out. Thanks! $3,000 OBO. -Blichmann Top...
  7. Praiodan

    Spice amount for Oatmeal Stout

    Hi all! I'm brewing up 10 gallons of an Oatmeal Stout for the holidays and want to 'spice' it up a bit. I want to use the following spices, but unsure of how much to use: Cinnamon - amount for 10 gallons? Nutmeg - amount for 10 gallons? Vanilla - I used this in a burbon porter before...
  8. Praiodan

    Help with BJCP category

    Hi all, I have a coconut milk stout on tap that I think is fantastic. I'd like to enter it in some local competitions but am having difficulty categorizing it correctly. I orginally thought Cat. 13-B Sweet Stout, but since I've used coconut in the boil, and 'dry hopped' would it still be...
  9. Praiodan

    Lagering question

    Hi all, So, I'm in the last stages of my first lager. It's a SA Noble Pils clone. It's been fermenting out for about 13 days at 53 degrees. I took it to room temp (66) for another 2 days and just finished racking it into my secondary (5G Corny). I plan on lagering it at 40 degrees (temp...
  10. Praiodan

    Paper-Wasps Eating my Hops?

    Hey all, Question for you backyard hop growers. I had a 5 foot healthy vine die about a month ago (turned brown and looked like insects got it) and have a couple more 3 and 4 foot first year bines coming up now. I was out watering the yard and noticed 7 or 8 paper wasps over near my hop...