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  1. mikes_brew

    which refrac. reading? 1st AG

    Brewing my 1st AG. after 1hour mash I had a 1st 2qrt. run off reading of 14 brix, 1054. after collecting 6.5 gall and mixing got a reading of 11brix or 1042. which reading is OG? radom rec. 10lbs 2-row 1 lb capris .25 black patent which hops? have cascade, tettnang and whillmette...
  2. mikes_brew

    stock grains?

    I'm switching to AG soon and wanted to know which grains would be a good selection to stock pile for brews? I like all but really hoppy brews. Just got the mill completed and want to start buying bulk. brewing black dog ale kit as i type and drink Creame ale. thanks, mike:ban:
  3. mikes_brew

    FYI-free bottles

    posted on all grain also. Midwest is giving a case of free bottles with any 2 kits. The promo ends may 6th. mike:tank:
  4. mikes_brew

    FYI-free bottles

    just thought I let ya know. Midwest supplies is offering a free case of bottles with any 2 kits (extract or grain). ends on the 6th. just processed my order! mike:mug:
  5. mikes_brew

    smooth coffee stout

    thought I would share, I made a stout kit from midwest lcouple weeks ago, 1 I have brewed many times before. I was going to add some fresh ground cofee. I forgot to add to the boil and added to the fermenter instead. Wow! love it, smooth and not too much coffee taste. btw it was 1/4 cup.:ban:
  6. mikes_brew

    gimp template?

    anyone have a Gimp file for a label template they would be willing to share? thanks, mike:mug:
  7. mikes_brew

    storing clean kegs?

    How long will a keg last if it is sterilized and pressurized with co2, purging all o2 out and leaving the gallon of sanitizer inside? Will it loose the san. affect over time? If this will work i think this will same me alot of time by just dumping out the solution and filling the keg...
  8. mikes_brew

    new equipment!

    Just ordered my kegging system from midwest and a chiller from brewsterbrown! can't wait; picked up a used frige this weekend and can't wait to keg my next brew!:tank:
  9. mikes_brew

    brewing no,no

    I brewed a LHB kit a while back and ruined a batch by trying to hurry. I partially covered the boil with a lid to heat it up quicker. all that did was keep the crap in the boil that was supposed to be removed. never again! I went back to my own rec. that was supposed to be a stout, which...
  10. mikes_brew

    SG at boil?

    how are you taking a SG at the boil, do you take it before middle and end? what about the temp? thanks mike:mug:
  11. mikes_brew

    gravity drop

    :( I brewed a choc. stout, went great! hit the OG of 1054 capped and it was fine, week later little activity and decided to transfer to 2ndary. went fine, today 2 days after transfer, i took a reading and 1010! can it go down that fast? It was not real dark by anymeans, my brown ale is darker...
  12. mikes_brew

    First Stout....HIT my Mark!

    :ban: 3 HB of brown ale and 2 hours later its it the bucket. I have my 1st stout under my belt, and I hit my mark of 1054. 6lbs light DME .75 crystal 80 1/2 lb choc. malt 1/4 lb. barley 1oz kents gold LHB talked me out of the 1/4 of patent. brewsmith est. of 1054 and I hit it dead...
  13. mikes_brew

    steeping question

    i was reading a post by BNVince about 1st brew and noticed that he started the steeping at temp. I have started my last 2 EX steeping at 100-110 and then brought up to temp. Is that wrong? Are there any major conerns? 1st brew was drinkable but that was all, it was on electric stove and...
  14. mikes_brew

    using tap water?

    anyone use straight tap water for brewing and topping off? specifically anyone use St. Louis tap water? I am reading Miller's brew book and he states it is low in chlor. and overall pretty good water. anyone in STL use the tap? thanks:tank:
  15. mikes_brew

    bottle conditioning

    any real difference between conditioning in a basement at maybe 70F vs. a refridgerator?:mug:
  16. mikes_brew

    low OG and SG, need higher ABV

    I brewed a brown ale ex. kit on tuesday, OG was low at 1034. yeast started on wed, great! quick and vigourous stopped on thursday night. decided to wait and transfer to 2nd on friday. SG was 1016 at 80F so 1018 corrected. according to beersmith ABV is 2.1% there is no activity now and I...
  17. mikes_brew

    ice, ice baby

    :ban: I brewed my 3rd today a brown ale extract and decided to try the icing technique. MAN O MAN, that was a quick ride to 60F. It was there before i had the 1 1/2 wort poured. I froze 2 gal. last night and cut them open and added to ferm. about 15 min. before boil time was up. I scooped...
  18. mikes_brew

    kolesch extract?

    looking for a 3rd brew and had a kolesch the other day and loved it! Is there a good easy extract with specialty grains (partial mash?) receipe that anyone has? drinking my 1st batch of brown ale, not bad kinda crap shoot. some bottles are great and smooth, others are bitter after taste...
  19. mikes_brew

    comparing IBU's

    I understand how the bitterness IBU's work but not how to judge the taste. where would say Sam Adams fall in the scale? New castle? stouts? thanks
  20. mikes_brew

    help! I over pitched!

    I tried the 1 gal. in BYO from james spencer and everything was ok until I realized I hydrated and added all 11.5 g of yeast to my 1 gal brew. the receipe called for only 2g. what do I do? I am leaving on vacation sunday and wanted it to sit while I was gone and bottle next friday. what do...