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  1. kevin476

    Wood chips in Brett beer

    So I am trying to clone Love buzz by Anchorage brewing. This will be for my wedding in a year or two. Here are the steps and my concerns. 1. he ferments in oak fouders with belgian yeast. (I will use a bucket) 2. then transfers to oak barrels with brett b for 8 months. (This is where I want to...
  2. kevin476

    Vancouver Craft beer

    I will be in vancouver for a few days the first week of march, I will be staying at the Springhill suites at columbia tech center. Is there a place to get a few bombers or maybe a resturant where I could grab a few pints? Id like something close as I dont want to have to rent a car.Thanks in...
  3. kevin476

    Fermenting in cold house

    My house is about 48-50 during the day, then when we are home its 60-64. I use one of the closets upstairs and just have a small space heater that has a thermostat. The heater is the kind with a fan and im worried about safety so I started looking into the radiant oil type heater but I am...
  4. kevin476

    Old stoner with Brett

    So I brewed this a month or so ago and didnt exactly hit my volumes and also it finished at 1.028 ish. I know its going to take quite some time to improve the flavor but Im thinking of throwing in some WY5112 Brett B. I have tried several of the brews Anchorage Brewing has done with Brett and...
  5. kevin476

    Beer advocate

    Does anyone on here use beer advocate. I don't but sometimes I run across the site and my curiosity gets the best of me. I just don't get it I guess, all the reviews vary quite a bit rank wise but yet they all say the same. " I poured this out of a green bottle" or " one inch of foamy white...
  6. kevin476

    Portland cornie kegs

    I will be in Woodland, WA next week on business and I can check baggage for free on Ak Airlines so I'm trying to find a good source for cornies, anyone have a good place? Thanks in advance
  7. kevin476

    Anchorage water report

    Does anyone have a water report they could share with me? I'm cheap and would rather use info someone else has then pay for one.
  8. kevin476

    New BYO CH Evens kick ass brown

    Has anyone read or tried the recipe in the new BYO? I am calculating it in beersmith and my numbers are way off.
  9. kevin476

    Got a laugh on this thread This guy is making a big deal on how another guy brews. ;)
  10. kevin476

    Fermcap for 5 gallon bucket

    So I cannot get 6.5 gallon buckets for under $20 dollars up here has anyone tried to use Fermcap to ferment a 5 gallon batch in a 5 gallon bucket?
  11. kevin476

    Aluminum Vs. Steel tank

    So I aquired 2 nice aluminum 5Lb C02 tanks and have been just using C02 but would like to switch one to brewmix for my stouts. I usually pay $25 for a refill but now they want $32 for brewmix and they exchange my cylinder for a steel one. Should I care what kind is one more valuable? :confused:
  12. kevin476

    Alaskan Amber Clone

    So I have been reading and thinking about this alot and I cant seem to get very close, BYO has this arcticle http://***********/stories/article/indices/25-cloning/117-alaskan-amber-clone but judging by Alaskans website they say OG-1.054 ABV-5.3 22 SRM and thst its "Hopbacked" judging...
  13. kevin476

    Yeast got hot

    So I put my wyeast packet and small wort in my temp controlled closet so i could pitch when they both got to temp and my heater stuck on and got my yeast to 90-100 degrees. Im sure im screwed right?
  14. kevin476

    Kegs in Alaska

    So I have spent the past few days trying to source Cornie kegs at a decent price in and around Anchorage without much luck. Is anyone interested in maybe trying a group buy or possibly have info on a good source. :confused:
  15. kevin476

    How long to keep milled grain

    So I don't have a mill yet and if I buy a 55 lb bag of grain I get it about half the price if I buy it by the lb so I keep it in 5 gal plastic buckets after it's milled it probably won't be there for more than a month at a time but has anybody done this is it ok?
  16. kevin476

    Too much boil off

    Well ill try not to be too long here but brewing in a garage while its about 20 degrees sucks, this was one of my first AG brews and while boiling there was sooo much steam coming out of my keggle I couldnt tell how my boil was going or my volume. This was supposed to be an arrogant bastard...
  17. kevin476

    Budweiser lowers ABV The company that makes Budweiser, Beck's and Stella Artois brands of beer is lowering its alcohol content in order to save millions in taxes. AB InBev is lowering the alcohol content levels...
  18. kevin476

    All liberty IPA

    So I put this together last week for my last extract brew, I used all the leftover ingredients I had laying around, hence the honey and I have several lbs of liberty hops. I added the .25 DME because it's all I had to make a starter with for my California ale yeast. Anyway I plan on dry hoping...
  19. kevin476

    Ferment in keg with or without pressure

    So I just finished my first pale ale and put in my keg after 6 days, which I regret but now the FG is at 1.021 and says it should go down to 1.010 so do I put any C02 on the keg or let it sit a few more weeks before I put the pressure on? Thanks in advance for any help.