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  1. cyberwollf

    Please delete.

    Please delete
  2. cyberwollf

    How to pull a sample beer?

    Got a few sours in the fermenter. Is there an easy way to pull a soda bottle worth to force carb with a carbinator cap? Looking to pull a sample without making 10 pulls with a turkey baster or theif...
  3. cyberwollf

    Florida 3 Keggles, Spa Flex, RIMS tube

    Changing up my brewing setup and looking to sell some stuff. 3 Keggles: HLT: weldless sightglass, weldless ball valve with diptube, and 1 inch Stainless nut welded in with 4500W heating element. $200 MLT is a rubber coated stainless keg (works for insulation), weldless ball valve, and...
  4. cyberwollf

    Electric AND direct fired BIAB kettle

    Redoing my system and considering an eBIAB that also has the option for direct propane fire. This would give me the convenience of 240v brewing at home and the portability of propane (club brewouts, etc) Thinking about using the 2 inch TC element adapter from brewers hardware and just...
  5. cyberwollf

    WTB counter pressure bottle filler

    I have a BMBF, but want one of the ones that has 3 valves to purge and stuff. Let me know if you got one laying around
  6. cyberwollf

    Mash Conversion experiment

    Just finished building a 3 vessel all electric system and am getting much worse efficiency than i used to on my BIAB setup. Im really careful about my batch sparging so I had a hunch it was a conversion problem. After reading all of Kaiser's stuff here...
  7. cyberwollf


    In the middle of my E-herms build that is similar to a brew magic. I am thinking about a triple input to the single pump so that i dont have to swap any hoses. Seems like it will work but need some sanity checking. The hump in the Boil kettle hose should form an airlock so it doesnt fill...
  8. cyberwollf

    Cheap Visual Basic Controller

    I know other solutions exist and many folks have done this, but im a DIY kinda guy :) Simple VB form that sends serial commands to arduino board. The arduino board will then control relays and SSRs. $30 for Arduino 2x SSRs: for Rims and BK 2x relays: HLT and pump I plan to run the...
  9. cyberwollf

    What to trade for Fouders CBS??

    So I camped out when it was released and got a bottle. A week later I was at a tasting and had CBS on tap. It was great, but I think I still love KBS more. Anyways there is such hype for this beer but I dont really want to sell it, so what would be some reasonable trades I could seek out for...
  10. cyberwollf

    The legondary Cock Ale

    EDIT: spellcheck fails me on the title of the thread and you cant edit it. FWIW: Legendary* Everyone has seen or heard of the recipe quoted in Papazians book: Our homebrew club has a monthly brewout in the warmer months. Since I am moving out of the state this seemed like a fine recipe for...
  11. cyberwollf

    Moving to Orlando, Whats there?

    So I got my official assignment notification today. I'm headed to Patrick Air Force Base in April, Whats in the Orlando area beer/homebrewing wise? Kinda spoiled here in Dayton, OH. A great LHBS within walking distance and a great homebrew club with +25 in attendance at the monthly...
  12. cyberwollf

    Big Partigyle party?

    anyone do this? Have one rig with keggles. Mash 35ish pounds of 2 row and fly sparge to get max eff. Then split off the runnings for +3 people to boil their own recipe. Of course you'd have to work out the math on batch sizes to get the correct OGs. One guy could steep crystal and...
  13. cyberwollf

    9 inch false bottom in a keggle?

    I have a 9in false bottom that i used to use in a 5 gal cooler. Anyone use one in their MLT keggle? Gotta be better than a braided hose, right? I used to be BIAB in my keggle, but im getting into a 3 vessel. Do you think 9 vs 15 inch false bottom will have any effect on lautering...
  14. cyberwollf

    3 vessel, 2 tier, one pump, which to elevate?

    like the title says: 3 vessel, 2 tier, one pump. elevate the HLT (requires a grant or something to pump wort from MLT to BK) or elevate MLT and throttle the pump to fly sparge (seems less popular) good and bad of both from folk that have these setups?
  15. cyberwollf

    HVAC help... furnace blower not kicking on

    Anybody do HVAC work/help? Its a 80's Lennox gas furnace. On a call for heat: the pilot kicks on, ignites, LED on the ignition control is on so induction motor is pulling good vacuum, main burners kick on, but the main blower never kicks on. I've done a fair amount of googling, I think its...
  16. cyberwollf

    Portable Brewpub Equipment

    Not that I currently have the $$ to fund this idea anyways, but wondering if its legal/possible: Some states are extremely friendly to brewpubs with relatively low cost non-distribution, on-site consumption licenses. If I owned a large flatbed truck with a 2bbl brewery on it, and could drive...
  17. cyberwollf

    120v Portable RIMS GFCI

    When wiring portable RIMS toolboxes, we can't assume that where ever we'll be has a 20A GFCI outlet. Is it acceptable to wire the incomming 120v into a 20A GFCI wall outlet installed in the toolbox to protect everything else wired downline (pump, switches, RIMS, etc)?
  18. cyberwollf

    BIAB Keggle Insulation

    I have loved the switch to BIAB, but I hate having to fire and stir every 15 mins to keep my rest temp. I wanted a kind of "hat" i could put on for insulation after everything was at temp. of course this will have to be removed to refire the MT. I used some reflectix, super88, and sewing to...
  19. cyberwollf

    Air accumulating in line

    Just setting my keggerator up. I got some 3/16 bev-seal in a group buy. Running about 16' feet. I have a decently slow pour with some foam, but if I come back 15 minutes later there is alot of air in the line and it sputters for a few seconds until it settles down. If air was getting into...