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  1. toddq

    Washington Picobrew Zymatic

    Purchased new in September 2015. I’ve brewed 28 batches on it over the last 2.5 years. There are no problems with it, plastic is in good shape (all prescribed cleaning routines followed). Comes with all the originally included stuff, plus a custom stand I built for it, and some additional...
  2. toddq

    Sour mash or sour wort ?

    I wouldn't call it a lot, but I've done the sour wort method three times now. Like all fermentations, the time is going to be dependent on your temp and size of pitch. With 6.5gal of 1.035 wort held at ~100F and a half liter lacto starter (made from grain), I've pasteurized batches at 12, 24...
  3. toddq

    Sour mash or sour wort ?

    I'm a big fan of souring the wort instead of the mash. Next time try a standard mash/sparge, then pitch your lacto starter into the ~100 degree wort. Hold it warm for a day or two (to taste), then proceed to boil. There's a lot of other stuff besides lacto growing on those grains that could...
  4. toddq

    Sour mash + roeselare Flanders Red?

    I did something similar a year ago with great results. I made an 8 gal batch of Flanders Red with a pretty high mash temp as 5 gal was going in a club barrel with Roselare. But the extra 3 gal I split off post-sparge/pre-boil and made a quick sour (add lacto, hold warm a couple days, short...
  5. toddq

    3-way Ball Valves

    I wouldn't mind seeing a schematic. I'm ready to be done with sticky floors after brew day, but those valves tend to not be cheap. Also I've seen L-type and T-type advertised, and I'm not sure what makes more sense.
  6. toddq

    where is the cheapest place for a Nitrogen Draft System?

    That looks like a pretty good deal to me. I got a 22 cu. ft. nitrogen tank from, and then found out that none of my local gas suppliers stock beer gas in anything close to that size to exchange. They also don't fill on site so they have to send it out to be filled which is...
  7. toddq

    Coffee Type for my Porter

    Try to buy decent coffee. The last batch I added coffee to I used whatever Costco beans were already in the cupboard. The amount of coffee flavor was just right, but my friend's comment on the flavor profile was "What kind of coffee did you use, Folgers? The coffee tastes kind of 'pedestrian'."
  8. toddq

    What Kind of Circulation Pump To Get

    I picked up the cheapest fountain pump Home Depot had recently before doing much research on what flow-rate would be necessary. It turned out to be around 100gph, and while it got the job done, the flow was too slow. I'm now planning on taking it back and getting this 315gph one off eBay...
  9. toddq

    Importance of Thermometor Calibration

    I finally figured out the other day I've been having the same problem, but in the other direction. My last two batches have refused to ferment lower than 1.028, and after checking my thermometer, it appears I've been unintentionally mashing in the 162-167 degree range, leaving lots of...
  10. toddq

    Need Applewood Smoked Porter Recipe

    I made a batch based on that recipe last winter (it's from BYO right?). It was probably my favorite beer I've made. I don't have my notes on hand, but I think I used half rauchmalt and half peat-smoked malt for the smoked grain, and my LHBS owner helped convert the partial-mash recipe to...
  11. toddq

    Two tone yeast cake

    Yet another question on re-using yeast. I decided to try freezing a few test tubes of yeast, but from a starter instead of a 5 gal batch, thinking it wouldn't require washing. I made a starter, let it go until it seemed done, let it settle, poured off most of the liquid, added some more wort...