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  1. skyebrewing

    creative uses for commercial bottle carriers

    Tried a search but no luck, so i figured i would just ask. I have probably over 100 of these 6 pack and 4 pack carriers that i saved for who knows what reason and wondered if anyone had any creative uses for them other than decorating the inside of my recycle can?
  2. skyebrewing

    chemists: please help!

    Taking an organic chemistry class and the professor gave us an assignment to draw 6 isomer possibilities of C5 H10 O. Then he notes to only use ring formations. I have searched online but and found isomer possibilities but not rings. Any help?
  3. skyebrewing

    pawn stars + dvr = dammit!

    Watching pawn stars and episode ended with the guys playing poker. Dvr cut off episode as Chum bought back in. What happened?
  4. skyebrewing


    So at school, i struck up a conversation with my chem professor about home brewing and next thing i know, he is digging though old out of circulation/un-audited equipment. I walked out with a 1960's heated stir plate, 2l and 1.5l flasks, 2 stir bars and a magnetic stir bar retriever. Nothing...
  5. skyebrewing

    BYO Torpedo clone

    I did a search and found people posted about their clone, but no results on how it turned out. Anyone do this that can describe how close it came out?
  6. skyebrewing

    Chinook Munich smash

    Tapped my keg of Munich/Chinook smash a week ago and have found it has a very orange and mint flavor that I have never gotten before from chinook. Anyone else done this smash that picked up similar flavors? The essentials: Munich(10L) to 1.050 sg, mashed warm for body at 158 50 ibus (calculated...
  7. skyebrewing

    Morebeer plastic buckets

    I bought 3 of there 6 gallon buckets with lids a while back to replace my aging ale pails. Anyway, I first brewed a lager in one of them and there was really no airlock activity, which didn't really bother me as I have never done...
  8. skyebrewing

    rocking memorial day

    Today was a brew day. Already good right there. Grab an hb and start up. My wife decides to make a gin and tonic and brings me one. So I am literally two fisted drinking. Finish my ag batch after a couple more rounds of each in only 3 1/2 hours (include clean up) and got better than...
  9. skyebrewing

    recipe opinion

    Doing a very simple recipe for a friend who isn't much of a beer drinker, but had an apricot beer and wants me to make some. This is very simple to showcase the apricot but have a bit of malt and body to keep it interesting. 90% pilsner 10% cara 10 60 min nugget to 20 ibus S-05 yeast SG of 1.044...
  10. skyebrewing

    Nottingham yeast for sale

    I have 10 packets of Nottingham left that I don't need since I was gifted a ton of s-05 that works better for the styles of brews I do. All were purchased together a month ago, have been stored in my fridge, and all have the same expiration date of 10/12. If anyone is interested, I was hoping...
  11. skyebrewing

    overwhelming apricot with notty

    I made a pretty simple esb (88% 2 row, 8% cara 80, 4% biscuit). The effeciency gods were with me that day and I got a sg of 1.073 instead of 1.061. I pitched a rehydrated pack of north and fermented at 68. I ended up with a beer that has a ton of apricot on the nose and taste. Its too much for a...
  12. skyebrewing

    hows this for a funny story..

    So I take my 5 year old to see Hop a couple days ago, which for those of you who don't know is a kids movie about the easter bunny. Since then, my son has been fascinated by that bunny. This afternoon, I go out back to call in my dogs and one comes trotting up to the house with something in his...
  13. skyebrewing

    new belgium le terroir sour

    Drinking this now, fresh to my local liquor store right out of a new case. I don't know much about sour beers, but this is some tasty stuff. Dry hopped with amarillo makes this amazing! I love this beer and makes me want to try more sours, but I am curious if this beer is a good example of a...
  14. skyebrewing

    So how is this for a brew day?

    So about a week ago, i decided to brew a pumpkin ale. Got the pumpkin puree browned, grain ground, rice hulls thrown in... bring it on! Well, first mistake was brewing when my 1 yo was sick and fussy. In my defense, my wife told me it was ok and was excited for me to do it anyway. Second, i...
  15. skyebrewing

    10 gal igloo malfunction

    Today when i poured some 172' water in my igloo hlt, i started to hear some cracking. I looked in and found that from the bottom of the cooler, straight up, the inner lining had pulled away from the insulation about 1" wide and sticks out 3/4". This raised seam rises almost to the top. As it had...
  16. skyebrewing

    Best hops for bulk purchase

    I am getting ready to do my first bulk hop purchase and am trying to decide which hops should I always have on hand. I like bold flavored beers and will be brewing a wide variety of styles from APA's to Stouts. If I was to purchase 4 or 5 different types of hops, what do you guys recommend? Thanks
  17. skyebrewing

    wine and oak use

    I have seen a few commercial beers that have been finished in wine barrels and would like to try and do it at a 5 gal level. Due to oxidation, im thinking i would have to siphon some wine to beer in secondary without air exposure to avoid souring the wine and just add oak cubes as i cant thinl...
  18. skyebrewing

    branching out with new yeast

    Other than a saison with a smack pack, i have only used dry yeast, specifically s04 and s05. I am getting ready to brew my next couple of beers, a west coast ipa and a scottish strong. What are some good choices for these types? I have a hard time steering away from s04 due to that great clear...
  19. skyebrewing

    Splitting batch help

    I recently did a batch of ed wort's apfelwein so that I would have 5 gallon glass jugs for experimenting. I want to try making an extract APA recipe where I can try different single hops. The more I thought about it though, it seemed like a pain to make 5 batches to do single varietal hops while...
  20. skyebrewing

    mixing hops

    Probably over thinking it, but i am making an ipa right now and will have some left over pellets from the boil that i will use for dry hopping in a week or two. Can i store these hops together in one bag till i use them or is that not good? Its chinook, centennial and cascade if that matters...