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  1. fatguy-littlecoat

    North Carolina Blichman Top Tier Raleigh

    Details here:
  2. fatguy-littlecoat

    OK to drill holes in the side of this fridge

    i want to drill 2 holes into the fresh food side of this fridge.. Im not finding anything in the manual or diagrams that shows anything pertinent in the wall.. would it be ok to do this? its a GE GSL25JFPABS appears to be about 7 or so years old...
  3. fatguy-littlecoat

    I purchased some Major upgrades!

    Just made a mash tun( bargainfittings and xtreme cooler) and ordered a keg system from KEG Cowboy will have 2 beers on tap.. :ban::ban::mug: no more bottles!
  4. fatguy-littlecoat

    anyone here had complications from drinking while on simvastatin(procor)

    just started on20mg a week and a half ago.. diet and exercise made no difference in my cholesterol levels :( :( dad had a heart attack @ 55 im 41 trying to avoid that.
  5. fatguy-littlecoat

    yikes all of my aged beers have developed a licorice taste

    which takes over the beer. Im assuming this has to do with water quality(chloramines), the beers tasted fine at the 2- 3 month point. i did switch to tap water running through a brita filter. any suggestions on the best water to use for my beer? i dont want this to happen again.. as i will be...
  6. fatguy-littlecoat

    Novice Brewer trying to come up with a Terrapin Golden Ale Clone

    Here is the description from the site. ABV: 5.0% IBU’s: 18 O.G.: 12.1 Malt: 2-Row Pale, Munich, Vienna, Wheat, Carapils, Flaked Barley Hops: Cascade, Mt. Hood Heres is the Mini-Mash i came up. Any Suggestions ? especially on how to hop to match and what yeast to use? TIA...
  7. fatguy-littlecoat

    Will Astringent/Chalky taste

    fade out with age?
  8. fatguy-littlecoat

    Fermentation started back up after being dormant

    I brewed a mini-mash hobgoblin clone from AHS on 11-16. The OG was 1052. It fermented actively in my swamp cooler for about 10days. My FG ended @ 1022. I pulled the fermenter out of the cooler and put it on my counter to finish up and age for the remaining 11 days before bottling tomorrow( at...
  9. fatguy-littlecoat

    Fermentation didnt start after 72

    just hit 72 hours no activity, this is the first time this has ever happened ive done about 14 batches of beer. Im going to my LHBS to buy another pack of the same yeast(danstar Windsor) to pitch. any tips? should i re aerate the wort?