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  1. lowlife

    Illinois stir plate, immersion chiller, stuff..

    a ten gallon mash tun cooler. Comes with ball valve, probably needs a new stainless filter screen- 10 dollars not shipping, you pick up 5 gallon glass carboy or two - 10 dollars, not shipping, you pick up 6 gallon glass carboy- 15 dollars, not shipping, you pick up 50 foot stainless immersion...
  2. lowlife

    Beer gun and accessories

    Will trade for hop rocket, hop blocker, randall, plate chiller, possibly other things
  3. lowlife

    ft zombie dust or artic panzer wolf.

    Iso heady topper or pliny, maybe alesmith ipa. Both of my beers are fresh bottled a couple days ago from three floyds.
  4. lowlife

    Ten pound aluminum co2 tank chicago area

    Looking for ten pound (or larger) co2 tank. Has to be aluminum. Id love to trade items if anyone in chicago area has one. Im in NW burbs. I dont want to order from far and pay shipping. Local trade or cash. PM me if you have one you dont need.
  5. lowlife

    free bottles westchester ohio

    5 or so cases of bottles. Pick up before Thursday morning if you want them. Message me for pickup location address
  6. lowlife

    Supplies in chicago

    We are thinking of moving to Chicago soon. Where is the best place to buy bulk grains. Do I need to buy a ton here in Cincinnati before we move? I think base malts are about 41-45 after tax.
  7. lowlife

    wanted hallertaur hops in cinci

    Anybody have any Hallertauer hops (half pound to a pound) that they want to trade for some other hops. I have quite a few varieties of 2011 crop stored at -10 vacuum sealed. Local trade only. Im in WestChester.
  8. lowlife

    WTB 2.5 pound co2

    Does anyone have one they want to sell. I see reconditioned newly certified ones for about 50 bucks online. Would pay in cash or trade. I have a some hard to find hops plus cash as well, or just cash. Im in cincinnati.
  9. lowlife

    cincinnati area- citra, amarillo, nelson sauvign

    Saw an ad for hops here today. Anybody in Cincinnati hard up for Citra, Amarillo, or Nelson Sauvign? I'd arrange a local trade for some magnum, galaxy, or some pearl.. possibly other noble hops. Values taken into account in trade amounts. 2011 only. Id possibly sell some if you have no trade and...
  10. lowlife

    Trade Ginger beer plant for water kefir

    Does anyone want to trade their water (sugar) kefir grains for some of my ginger beer plant. I bought mine from in december and have made a few batches. I have enough to trade some off now and wanted to try water (sugar kefir).
  11. lowlife

    Hops going fast

    I just looked at hops direct. It is saddening. I was trying to hold out for pellet hops. Looks like ipas are going to be expensive to make this year. They still have cascade and columbus though. Is there anywhere else that you can buy pounds of hops at decent prices? 10-15 dollars a pound?
  12. lowlife

    Oats/ flaked oats

    BYO's beer geek breakfast clone includes 2 pounds/3 ounces of malted oats and 2 pounds/3 ounces of flaked oats. I cant get malted oats locally. I read a few threads (example) Should I just sub some kind of base malt...
  13. lowlife


    Anyone know of any decent (clean, basic, not too expensive) hotels in chicago that are walkable distance from a fun area? Not sure what area I should stay in for my trip next week. I have a couple days and thought it would be fun to hit a few taphouses and see whatever the town has to offer. Any...
  14. lowlife

    Early start

    Look what I have growing already... seems a bit early
  15. lowlife

    might have caught something good

    I have been trying, for a couple years, to catch some wild yeast that is good for beer. I have had some wort out (for the millionth time) for three days. I caught something... It smells fruity (like an English yeast). Normally everything I catch tastes and smells gross. I am hopeful for this...
  16. lowlife

    Italian beer scene

    Going to Rome, Florence and Venice for a while. Any suggestions for beer bars?
  17. lowlife

    coleman extreme on sale

    thought this might benefit someone 25 bucks
  18. lowlife

    Party fridge fermenter

    Anybody ever try to use of these as a fermenter? I think I might be able to get one for about 50 dollars. Do you think it would work well? TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL MC-88, MC-88M, MC-88S POWER SUPPLY 115V -...
  19. lowlife

    fermenter suggestions

    I am thinking of buying a fridge for fermenting. I guess Ill probably need an external thermostat as well. Im sure I can find a a419 for 50 dollars online but what is the somewhat economical choice for a fridge. Do I go with 5 cubic foot freezer or a mini-fridge? Anyone have a suggestion as to...
  20. lowlife

    after the first season

    I grew my first hops this year in containers. The yield was small (less than an ounce. I want to put them in the ground for next year. When should I do this. Its wet and about 60 degrees here now. Should I do it now or wait. I looked at the roots and they are huge. They wrapped around the...