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  1. RIC0

    She's sat a year

    I have a 5 gallon Belgian tripel that's sat for a year and i'm ready to get it bottled. I've done this once before but can't remember how much yeast I need to pitch to get it to carbonate?? I have the same yeast to use for doing this so i'm not using two different types. Also when should I...
  2. RIC0

    Beer aged for 8 months but...

    It was racked to secondary after a month of fermenting. Sat for another 7 months with still more trub than I like in the secondary so today I racked it again to cold crash. I'm thinking it needs a teenybit of yeast added before bottle??? Thanks for the replies.
  3. RIC0

    1 year old Tripel needs yeast

    Ok I have 1 gallon of belgian tripel that is 1 year old and going to get bottled this weekend. My question is i have some T-58 yeast that needs to be added and I"m not sure how much to add???????
  4. RIC0

    Four weeks of farting

    Not me but an American Amber IPA I have which started out at 1.086 on 11/29 and there is still slight/slow activity via the air lock. I'm in no hurry it can sit for 2 more weeks but wow I thought 20 days was long with a red a year ago. Anyone else seen activity for this long??
  5. RIC0

    First bottle bombs

    First time EVER I had two bottles of my Belgian IPA which is delicious blow up this week. NFC why as this stuff was in the primary for a moth and has been aging on a shelf under 70 degrees for 2 months. Dam the luck. The rest have been put in bucket covered with a towel in a spare bathtub...
  6. RIC0

    Only added half the hops

    Just realized after 3 weeks the $hitty day stout I made up, which is still in the primary, only got 1 oz instead of 2 oz hops added during the boil. Suggestions?? Leave it be or throw in the remaining hops now for a few days?
  7. RIC0

    Fermenting started in 3 hours

    Made a belgian dubbell pitched rehydrated yeast t-58 and went for a 50 mile bike ride i get back an check on it and its already fartin thru the airlock. I've made many belgians using t58 an never had fermentation start so fast. What are some of your fastest times for fermentation starting?
  8. RIC0

    Anyone bottle a Guinness clone

    I know it's recommended to keg it and use nitrogen but just for chits and giggles I'm wondering if anyone has ever bottled it just like any other beer and if so what was the outcome?..:confused: If it' doesn't taste exactly like guinness no big deal just curious?
  9. RIC0

    Bulk age or bottle age.. that is the question

    Gonna make up a RIS 5 gallon batch in the next month and was wondering if it's best to bulk age or do it in bottles?? I've got about 40 bottles aging now but wonder if I should bulk age on the next batch? Current coconut stout went 5+ weeks before it was bottled and has sat since then...
  10. RIC0

    Can I double up on this kit ???

    Below is a scottish ale 60, as you can see it's a low abv, like 3.1%. Can I simply double up on all the ingrediants and be OK??? Brew Schedule 5 gallon full boil 1lb Caramel 40L Steep 20 minutes at 155F .25lb Caramel 120L Steep 20 minutes at 155F .125lb Chocolate Malt Steep...
  11. RIC0

    Made up a Vanilla Oatmeal Stout and.....

    I know others like myself look for how much of something to add to a batch of brew. Of course using the search button which 75% of most forum members have no clue what that is...:ban: I made my first vanilla oatmeal stout that was a partial mash and added 1 vanilla bean and it was MORE than...
  12. RIC0

    Left over mash for catfish food????

    I know there are some weird grain, mash and what not magic catfish bait. Anyone ever use their left over grains to sour then use as catfish chum??
  13. RIC0

    Start at 60 raise to 70 ???

    So I'll be brewing up my first Belain Tripel this weekend and the recipe states to start the fermentation at 60 raise to 70. So I start the fermentation at 60 no problem, how soon am I supposed to start raising the temp and end with the 70?? As most know you can't determine the exact...
  14. RIC0

    Wash it or create a fresh starter????

    Ok today I went and bought 12 - 8 oz canning jars. I can either wash the yeast from a nut brown ale and fill jars? or Go buy some DME, yeast and create a batch of starter jars? This will be my first batch of starters so I'd like to do what ever is most efficient. I know it's...
  15. RIC0

    How long can it go with Fruit???

    Ok so my imperial coconut stout was in primary for 2 weeks then racked to secondary and I added french oak chips as well as real toasted coconut. (I peeled, cut and toasted myself) It's been in the secondary for 2 weeks and the gravity was at 1.046. After speaking to the brewmaster at the...
  16. RIC0

    Easy an cheap wort cooler....Pics inside

    Here's your basic feed or water tub that works great for cooling down that hot wort. If you have a tractor supply or any type of farm type store around you can pick one of these up fairly cheap. I think the lady at the register messed up as it rang up for $21 but a sticker on the side said...
  17. RIC0

    Yeast starters

    I've been doing some research and using the search option with HBT and I still can't get the jist of a yeast starter and how to get the understanding, how to do it from start to finish. Link me to a place that explains this to dummies as I believe it's a good thing regardless of beer and...
  18. RIC0

    Imperial stout slow or not fermenting

    Ok 1.5 days ago I brewed up 5 gallons of Williams Imperial Stout, my first stout. I've read about the foaming and airlock blow offs with this and other imperial stouts so after 24 hours I transfered the wort from a 5 gallon carboy to a 6 gallon bucket to give it more room to play. I do not...
  19. RIC0

    Beer Cellar temps ???

    Ok, my basement workshop is slowly becoming a brewery...:D Average temp is around 68 or less. The current batch of Red ale fermenting is showing 64\65 degrees by the thermometor strip on the side of the bucket. I'm thinking the room might be a little too cold for fermenting and...
  20. RIC0

    After fruits added, whats next??

    Well my 1st gallon has begun.... 1 gallon glass carboy. Distilled water. 2.5 lbs of Gunters orange blossum honey. 2.5 grams of Lav. EC-1118 yeast. Fermenting room is around 68 degrees. I've got 5 gallons of beer that shows 64 degrees according the thermometer sticker on the...