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  1. Bubba

    Barley Crusher, ball kegs ,carboys for sale

    I am getting rid of some extra stuff I don't need any longer I am located in Staten Island NY and would rather have local pick up PM me for more details or pictures. 4- ball kegs 25.00 each 6-carboys 5 gal and 3 gal 10.00 each barley crusher 50.00 3/8 copper coil wort cooler I have everything...
  2. Bubba

    Free Shipping Saturday only

    Just placed an order at Austin Homebrew Supply and when checking out was surprised to see free shipping for orders over $49.00 good deal!:D
  3. Bubba

    Boil to 63 Degrees in 9 minutes

    I love brewing in the winter brewed an IPA this morning 44 degrees outside and my tap water is 43 degrees it took my wort from boil to pitching temp of 63 degrees in 9 minutes:rockin:
  4. Bubba

    First Gluten free Batch

    3.3 lb sorghum extract 4 lb rice syrup solids 17oz Raw Honey 1 lb candi sugar 4 oz Maltodextrin 1 oz centinell @ 60 min 1 oz centinell @ 20 min 1 oz centinell @ 10 min 1 oz centinell @ 5 min yeast nutrient & irish moss safbrew T-58 I did a full boil starting with 6 1/2 gal of water...
  5. Bubba

    Vienna Malt / Amarillo SmaSh

    Im thinking of brewing an Amarillo / Vienna Malt Smash this weekend with 10 Lbs Vienna Malt. 1 oz FWH .50 20 min .50 5 min .50 1 min Im not sure what this combination will come out like I also have Cascade , Centennial Willamette , Columbus and Chinook what do you guys think will pair up best...
  6. Bubba

    1st generation Home grown nuggett hops

    I brewed this beer yesterday using dried out vacuum packed frozen homegrown hops 2.5 lbs US 2 row 8 oz Carmel 90L malt 8 oz Carmel 10L malt 5 lb Munich Extract 8 oz Sugar 1.25 oz nuggett @ 60 min .50 oz nuggett @ 45 min .50 oz nuggett @ 30 min .50 oz nuggett @ 15 min .50 oz...