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  1. noefite

    Any Home Brewering Hashers going to Gold Rush?

    I know there must be some serious Hashers here! Why not make it a point to join us on the Oregon Coast for an amazing camp out?
  2. noefite

    Hash House Harriers

    How many Hashers do we have? Anyone in Oregon going to Gold Rush? What's your home Kennel? Mother Hash? Next travel campout?
  3. noefite

    Johnson Controls

    I recently installed a new Johnson Controls A419ABG-3C. Before I left on vacation for 10 days I plugged it into my freezer and went through the set up per the instructions. I came home yesterday and noticed that the Keezer wasn't exactly cold (no thermometer yet). I checked the display and...
  4. noefite

    Weldless Bulkhead Gasket questions

    I purchased a weldless bulkhead on Amazon for my brew pot. The previous one I purchased came with two silicone gaskets and it immediately sealed perfectly with a 7/8" hole. I ordered it again for a new brew pot and this time it came with two O-rings. Well, they squeeze out the sides and leak...
  5. noefite

    Washing yeast from Fast Fermentor

    I purchased a Fast Fermentor a year ago or so, and I've made about 5 batches so far. At this point I'm very happy with it, but I want to step it up a notch and start washing my yeast and repitching it. Can anyone help me with some good steps on the process? I read the great wiki article on...