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  1. LTownLiquorPig

    Home Brew Problems - Help Please

    So I'm calling this Daft Bastard IPA, because that about sums it up. Went to the LHBS to buy the ingredients for an Irish Red. They didn't have a couple of ingredients, so I figured screw it, I'll make an IPA. I bought 3.75#s 2-row, a half pound of crystal 60 and a half pound of Munich, as...
  2. LTownLiquorPig

    Will what I learn from 2.5G BIAB transfer to bigger batches?

    I mean as far as brewday process. Right now I'm doing 2.5 Gallon biab. The steps will be the same, I'll just need to dial in my temperatures and stats again, right? Would it be worth getting the cooler set up for mashing that I plan to use for my bigger batches down the line, or will all the...
  3. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 18: Liquor Pig IPA

    Threw together a Cooper's IPA kit. Added a KG of Munton's beer enhancer, boiled a half Oz each of Willamette and E.K.G. Smelled and tasted great. Pitched an old Notty cake from the same recipe into 18L of wort @ 68*.
  4. LTownLiquorPig

    Quick Recipe Advice Needed

    Planning an APA-ish beer. Thinking 4.5 gallon batch partial mash partial boil. 5.75 #s Light LME 1 #s Crystal 60 (biab mash/steeped @ 154 for 60 mins) Boil 11 litres(mash watered topped up to) and 1 # LME for 60 minutes. 60 minutes .5 oz Citra 30 minutes .5 oz Citra 10 minutes .5 oz EKG...
  5. LTownLiquorPig

    I'm Doing It!!

    First all grain on the boil. Supposed to be a simple ESB that I tried to model off of the Common Room Bitter recipe from here in the data base. I mashed at +/- 154* for 90 mins, 4 #'s 2 row and 1 # Crystal 60. BIAB, mashed in t the oven in 8 quarts of water, then squeezed and "sparged"...
  6. LTownLiquorPig

    Let's See Where This Goes Dry Stout

    Just started the water for my first partial mash. Gonna be a dry stout. 5.5# LME 2# Roasted Barley 1# Crushed Barley Mashing the barley for 60 mins at 145*. Boiling 10 L with half the LME for 60 mins. 2oz EKG for a 60 min hop addition. Add rest of LME at flameout, stir and cover for...
  7. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 15: Cooper's Pilsner

    Threw together a Cooper's Pilsner today, from the Brewmaster's Selection series. Straight kit and kilo process; used the can and a KG of the Munton's Beer Enhancer. The kit comes with a supposedly proper lager yeast, so I hydrated it and pitched into 22L of wort at about 64*. My basement...
  8. LTownLiquorPig

    Be Gentle

    Still an extract kit brewer (Cooper's, adding my own hop additions) but starting to seriously think I'd like to move into AG. Gotta say after lots of digging on here I'm not enamoured with the idea of propane outdoors. I don't have much time to brew in the summer, and winters here would be...
  9. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 14 Journal : Cooper's English Bitter

    I made this kit once last winter. I don't remember it, but my notes say I loved it. Put another one down last night, straight kit and kilo. 1.7 KG Cooper's English Bitter 1 KG Munton's Beer Enhancer 1 pack Nottingham Pitch rehydrated yeast into 72 degree wort. 12 hours in no bubbles...
  10. LTownLiquorPig

    A Good Starting Point?

    Toying with the idea of all grain. Had never given it serious consideration, but a proper HBS has opened within a 45 minute drive. Not planning on jumping in all at once, going to accumulate gear and practice between now and next fall, starting with small batch or mini-mash BIAB on the stove...
  11. LTownLiquorPig

    Which came first, the wort chiller or the turkey fryer?

    Got $50 burning a hole in my pocket. Do I buy a turkey fryer set up or make a wort chiller? I'm kit and kilo right now, but a real HBS opened up within range, and I'm leaning towards moving on to bigger things....
  12. LTownLiquorPig

    Cooper's Pilsner Question

    Going to throw this kit together, with 1.3 KG of light LME and maybe dry hop with and oz of Saaz. Never made this kit before; never made anything other than Ales before. I won't have trouble finding a spot to ferment cool enough (comes witha true pilsner yeast). What I don't have is the...
  13. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 10 Journal

    The Pharmasave where I buy my kits has them on sale until the end of the month for $5 off. So far I have the fixings for a dark ale that I want to turn into a Christmas Winter Warmer, 2 Cooper's IPA's, a Cooper's Bitter and a Cooper's Pilsner. Going to crack off an IPA batch tonight, hopped up...
  14. LTownLiquorPig

    Help on a Cooper's Stout Augmentation

    Hey fellas, back at it now that work is slowing down and weather is cooling down. I'm going to throw a Cooper's Stout kit together on the weekend. I have 1.3KG's of Dark LME as my fermentable and some EKG and Willamette, with Notty for the yeast. Was thinking I'd do a boil with the LME to get...
  15. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 8 Journal

    Threw together a Cooper's Draught kit. 1 Kit 1 Kilo Munton's Brew Enhancer 23 Litres water 2 packs Cooper's yeast. Off to the races. Last checked it was at about 64*.
  16. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 7 Journal

    Brewed a batch of Cooper's English Bitter kit while making supper. 1 can Cooper's English Bitter 1 KG Munton's Beer Enhancer 23L water about 1.5 cups of recycled Notty slurry, warmed to 68* pitched yeast into 70* or so wort Water level is a guess, was very foamy. I stopped the water...
  17. LTownLiquorPig

    Liquor Pig S.O.B. Recipe Idea

    Going to throw together my first batches using hop additions, pretty excited. My favourite beer right now is probably Propeller ESB, While I don't really want to totally clone it, I'd like to get something sort of close-ish, if you know what I mean...
  18. LTownLiquorPig

    Batch 6

    Brewed my 6th batch this morning, Liquor Pig Pail Ale. 3.3 KG can Doric Canadian Beer Mix 1Kg Munton's Beer Enhancer 22L 1/2 cup "salvaged" Nottingham yeast cake sludge OG was approx 1.042 Yeast was approximately 67* when pitched into 72* wort First try using salvaged yeast. If no activity...
  19. LTownLiquorPig

    Re-using Yeast

    I bottled a beer that I brewed with dry Nottingham about 10 days ago. I saved the yeast/gunk at the bottom of the fermenter, mixed with boiled and cooled water in a 1 litre plastic mayo jar, and a little bit in 2 capped beer bottles, all sterilized. I forgot to put it in the fridge. They've...
  20. LTownLiquorPig

    Forget Oxi-Clean

    I'm starting to think the "Oxi-Clean removes labels super quick and easy" is a myth perpetrated by the good posters of this fine online forum. I've soaked bottles in oxi-clean for days at a time, and can't get the labels off...... Last week I soaked a new batch of bottles in a 20 Gallon tub...