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  1. heckels

    For Those Using a Cooler with the SSBrewTech FTSS

    Picked up one of these today. Brings the cooler height up, gives you some added storage and goes very well with the Chronical and the FTSS.
  2. heckels

    Issues Whirlpooling and Chilling Simultaneously

    I've got a 15 gallon Stout BK with the tangential inlet about 4" higher than the outlet of the kettle. I've also got a Chugger pump and More Beer's convoluted CFC. For the first 15-20 batches I've done on this system, I always whirlpooled, then a 10 minute rest followed by transferring to my...
  3. heckels

    Truck Toolbox Turned Vent Hood?

    Has anyone tried turning a truck bed toolbox like this into a vent hood? Seems like you could take off the doors, flip it over, but a hole for a vortex fan and have a decent exhaust vent hood. Sent from my iPhone using Home Brew
  4. heckels


    Testing hyperlink. Please disregard
  5. heckels

    Hop Bines Too Brittle

    Last year I transplanted 2nd year crowns (2 cascade and 2 goldings) when we moved to a new house. Due to a number of factors my harvest was non-existent last year. This year things are looking better. The cascades have taken off pretty well and the goldings started out ok. However, recently...
  6. heckels

    1/2" Pex Clamp Instead of Oetiker?

    So I ordered a bunch of new 1/2" silicone hose that will attach to 1/2" TC hose barbs. I'd like to replace the traditional worm gear hose clamps with the Oetiker style. Of course, the generic ear clamps only come in 3/4" or 1" at Menards. Had anyone tried these or is there any reason they...
  7. heckels

    South Dakota: All-grain Equipment and Stand

    Finally finished my new basement brewery and am selling my previously-loved AG setup. Details and pics here: Included: -A Top Tier-inspired brew stand (takes up about a 3'x3' area). Three tiers, gravity fed, on casters -A 5 gallon...
  8. heckels

    All-grain Equipment

    Finally finished my new basement brewery and am selling my previously-loved AG setup. Details and pics here: Included: -A Top Tier-inspired brew stand (takes up about a 3'x3' area). Three tiers, gravity fed, on casters -A 5 gallon...
  9. heckels

    Wiring a potentiometer to SSR

    While my BCS-460 is "in the shop", I was trying to mimic's DIY set up with the potentiometer and 40 amp SSR. I wired up the potentiometer to an old wall wart with 5v input and the variable output and the negative from the wall wart. However, I was only able to turn the SSR on...
  10. heckels

    BCS Strike Process Techniques

    I'm getting my HERMS system up and running and programming mash process into the BCS. I was wondering how you guys have your strike process set up. The two options that make the most sense are to: 1. Heat enough water in the HLT to transfer about half of the strike water to the mash tun when...
  11. heckels

    Wiring Contactor Help

    Hi all, Working on wiring up my panel using a pair of these contractors between the SSR ad the elements. The contractors I'm using are these Packard ones but they have no markings. Do I assume the in/out doesn't matter and the terminals on the side are for the coil...
  12. heckels

    Utilize Herms On a Budget?

    Hi All, Well, my Stout tanks are just about ready for shipment but in the last 4+ months we've spent far more moving into our new house, taking care of several projects and buying a 4-wheeler to move snow and I don't feel comfortable dropping over $2500 on the brewmaster controls system I was...
  13. heckels

    Transplanting Hops

    Hi all. I'm in the process of selling our house in preparation of breaking ground on a new one in early April. We will be living in my parents' basement for the few months between selling the house (probably mid-march) and moving into the new one around the 1st of August. Now to the pickle...
  14. heckels

    Cocoa Nibs Cause Gushers?

    Hi all, After 50+ batches I've finally encountered my first set of gushers. They're a porter that has an addition of habenero pepper in the boil and cocoa nibs in the secondary. I had kegged this batch first, then part way through the keg bottled a 12-pack to save and enter into...
  15. heckels

    15gal Conical + Yeast Catcher =

    ...Acetaldehyde. For those using the 15 gallon conicals and large yeast catchers, please be aware of using yeast strains that produce higher levels of acetaldehyde. A few batches back I used Lindemann's Munich dry yeast. The yeast catcher (approx 1.5 qts) had caught so much yeast that there...
  16. heckels

    Jack Daniels Oak Chips for Bourbon Porter?

    Just picked up a bag of these for my next bourbon porter. Much cheaper than a used barrel. Anyone ever tried them?
  17. heckels

    Chickity Doo Doo

    Well, I tried to find fish emulsion at Menards tonight but to no avail. So, I picked up the next best thing, Chickety Doo Doo. Seems like it should do well for the 3/4 of my hops that seem to be lagging behind. More info here Anyone else tried this stuff?
  18. heckels

    Transferring From One Keg to Another

    I've got a 2.5 gallon keg coming to be used in a portable setup. To fill the keg with some pre-carbed beer I'm planning on purging with CO2 then pushing from one keg to another. Is there anything else to it? Do you purge the pressure every little while or just leave it? Thanks.
  19. heckels

    Sours/lambics and beer lines.

    It's pretty common knowledge that any time you make a sour or lambic beer that you need to have separate equipment for anything that's permeable. In that sense, if you serve a sour/lambic beer on tap do you, or the bar if they're serving it, need separate serving lines as well? I would assume...
  20. heckels

    Increase Extraction During Sparge?

    So since moving my setup indoors for the winter, I've had a 10% drop in efficiency. After getting a refractometer for Xmas, I finally measured my final runnings after hitting my preboil volume... 1.033. There's still a lot of sugar left in my MLT but I'm not sure how to get it out without...