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  1. damlamb

    Oldest ice wine

    So I moved in September and the previous owners were hoarders and left us a house full of mostly junk. Amongst the chaos I found a box with a niagara ice wine collection. All vintages from 1989-1992. So over the weekend we were celebrating announcing that our first born will be a boy according...
  2. damlamb

    Ideas for carbonator

    So I picked up one of the units in the attached photo at a an auction on a whim. Grand total of $6.22. So did a quick Internet search and found out it is a seltzer water maker for fountain soda (yes I bought something I had no idea what is was but hey it was shiny and stainless steely) so I'm...
  3. damlamb

    Wild yeast beer style

    So back at the end of Aug. 2015 I picked a whole pile of apples off of old trees on my in-laws farm. I took peels from apples in three different locations and put them in sterile jars with about 1 cup each of canned pasteurized apple juice. Shook the jars daily and at one week in all three were...
  4. damlamb

    Bottle conditioning question.

    Typically when bottle conditioning/carbing I leave my bottles in a dark closet at around 70degF for 3 weeks before refrigerating. I bottled a batch recently that the bottles carbed up in 3 days maybe due to slightly warmer temps than usual. Is there any advantage to conditioning them further at...
  5. damlamb

    First time berliner weiss

    Tried no boil berliner weiss recipe from Michael Tonsmeire's book. I just started enjoying the first few bottles and it tastes good but im wondering if its possible that ALL the alcohol was turned into lactic acid? The beer is very sour but after quaffing a few the was no effect. I know this is...
  6. damlamb

    Back saving brewing tips

    I was hoping to brew this weekend but im plagued with a sore lower back which means no lifting 5+ gallons of liquid. I know somebody out there must have some ingenious solutions to this problem. Im open to changing my setup to accomodate. Sent from my SGH-I317M using Home Brew mobile app
  7. damlamb

    cider foam

    This is my first time making cider. I used a centrifugal juicer I had to juice the apples. I was left with a foamy layer about 3 inches thick on top. Should I suck this layer off before pitching my yeast today or is it ok to leave it. I think it might spoil the cider due to the fact that its...