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  1. LabRatBrewer


    Ha, suddenly I *do* want a bounce house at our next party.
  2. LabRatBrewer

    Free Beer and Food Pairing Course from BA

    The Brewers Association and are offering Julia Herz' Course on Beer and Food Pairing for Free. I didn't see this mentioned elsewhere. If it has already been shared then Mods please delete this.
  3. LabRatBrewer

    Is this caused by a bad popet

    In late 2012, I bought a race track style ball lock keg. I believe I need to replace the posts or popets. They are unusual (at least to me). The posts are labeled Series hk Hansen 2kg plug. The only info I can find on them is a product detail sheet from a Finland web site. Do you agree that...
  4. LabRatBrewer

    Got Off Flavors? The Bruery's helpful pinterest

    This pinterest by the Bruery is pretty cool:
  5. LabRatBrewer

    SoCal Homebrew Fest Needs Your Help

    If you live in California: On October 1, 2013, Governor Brown signed AB1425 into law. It is being interpreted by the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to prohibit homebrew festivals like the Southern California Homebrew Festival. The bill was originally written to allow the...
  6. LabRatBrewer

    Marie Antoinette's, "Let them Drink Cake!"

    My plan was to make a Cherry Chip Cake Ale using a box of Betty Crocker Moist Cake mix. I used a small batch BIAB with the grains, then pulled the bag, replaced it with a new bag, and mashed the cake mix.
  7. LabRatBrewer

    Microscope questions

    Many years ago I was given this microscope and it has been in storage. It is a Baush and Lomb and I think it is a 31-33-07 (or the last digits are 09 or 20 according to the power thingy). I have ordered some prepared slides to play with (I have a 4th grader). And ultimately want to learn to...
  8. LabRatBrewer

    Early Hop Status: Good, Bad and the Ugly

    Here are pic's of this year's garden: 1. My 3rd year Cascade finally broke ground: 2. My "lucky dog" Williamette and the Fuggles are doing alright, though stalled: 3. My 1st year Cascades started great (the the cloned clipping is doing well still) but the two main plants seem to be burned:
  9. LabRatBrewer

    Cascades are growing already

    Two of my cascade plants have re-appeared and are about six inches tall already. It seems early. I'm in southern California so it wasn't like the ground needed to thaw, but I wasn't expecting them yet.
  10. LabRatBrewer

    Son of Fermentation + Beer Engine Combo

    While reading the DYI threads and bookmarking many future projects, I wondered if you couldn't combine the Son of Fermentation project with the RV hand pump project (beer engine) for serving cask ale? I saw a thread for a nice keezer/beer engine combo. Is there any reason the SoF wouldn't work...
  11. LabRatBrewer

    Small hot break

    I just made the switch from extract to all grain (BIAB). I have also just upgraded to a 15 gallon pot (from a 7 gallon turkey fryer). In my last two batches, I've noticed the hot break is very small. Not much foam. I am used to the near panic foam volcano type hot break. Is it likely that...
  12. LabRatBrewer

    First AG BIAB and SWMBO joins in

    Today was my first AG BIAB. I tried for an English Bitter. I used Alton Browns Turkey Derek ( to hoist the bag. Here is a pic: And SWMBO even joined in: I'm not sure why the pic's are sideways. Maybe too many home brews? I'll edit them to rotate if...
  13. LabRatBrewer

    Gimp Help

    I am struggling with Gimp (its very confusing to me). I've manged to get close to what I want. Now I need to get this image scaled just a little so that I can fit at least four to a page. Scaling and getting multiple copies of the same image seem to be beyond my skills. Any tips would be great...
  14. LabRatBrewer

    Attachment to Flush CO2

    It is easy enough to flush a keg with Co2 by connecting the gas line to the keg. However, in reading the forums, I see some people are flushing their bottles with Co2, and even their fermentors. My question is, what type of attachment do you use on the gas line to flush out things like bottles...