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  1. BGBC

    Show Me Your Wood Brew Sculpture/Rig

    Tested this out for the first time this weekend. Small batch BIAB rig with attached grain mill. Built it so most of the equipment can store underneath after brew day. not quite 100% complete (adding a folding shelf on the left side and still deciding on finishing, paint/stain, etc), but the...
  2. BGBC

    How Many Gallons Brewed In 2021

    3.5 gal saison 1617.2 + 3.5 = 1620.7
  3. BGBC

    Brewing Word Game

  4. BGBC

    What came in the mail for you today?

    Over the last couple weeks: - Monster Mill 2 (from the sales forum here) - SS Brewtech Brew Kettle Mini - Wilserbrewer grain bag - Avantco IC1800 - Thermoworks ChefAlarm - MoreBeer order w/ grains, hops and yeast for several brews Just have to build out the stand for everything and we should be...
  5. BGBC

    Induction cooktop

    I just ordered the Avantco IC1800 for similar small batches with a 5.5 gal kettle - $130 shipped. I ended up settling on the Avanto because of the steel frame and the granularity of the setting it offered. Found some similar models on ebay that only offered 30-40 degree temp setting ranges...
  6. BGBC

    2021 Rhizomes

    Just pre-ordered a couple Brewer's Gold rhizomes and plan on grabbing a rhizome cutting from a buddy's Cascade that he's had going for 5 years or so once it gets a bit warmer.
  7. BGBC

    How crazy is homebrew for our wedding (experienced mead/wine/cider)

    This, but also just the stress of serving it - bartenders having issues with homebrew kegs, etc. If it was me, this would be one thing I wouldn't want to be stressing about on the big day.
  8. BGBC

    Brewing an easy sour for my first all-grain brew

    I see OP's location is Perth. If that's Perth, Australia, might impact what specific yeast strains he can access... All-grain, sour, fruited...none of those three are particularly difficult, but it's a lot of variables to add at once. If it was me, I'd play it safe and remove at least one of...
  9. BGBC

    Sourdough discard for bottle conditioning

    Why not do a small starter...with the starter. That way you can try it out, see if it ferments wort, see if you like the flavors, plus step up whatever is in the starter and get it acclimated to the environment you eventually want it to ferment in (beer).
  10. BGBC

    New batch of carrots and new kimchi started!

    Agreed, I like to leave mine out to ferment for at least a week. Lasts in the fridge as long as I can keep from eating it. More funk the better.
  11. BGBC

    2021 Rhizomes

    What is everyone planting this year?
  12. BGBC

    Sudden Onset Obsession

    Care to post some more details on that fermentation chamber?
  13. BGBC

    How can I make a 5 gallon batch at home with no special equipment?

    Stalk the bakery manager at your local supermarket for empty frosting buckets. I got multiple food grade buckets (2 gal and 5 gal) from them when I first started. Drill a hole in the lid and all you need is a gasket and airlock to turn them into fermenters. I still use them today.
  14. BGBC

    Motts Malted Cider

    See Graff: Graff (Malty, slightly hopped cider)
  15. BGBC

    How can I make a 5 gallon batch at home with no special equipment?

    I think you're going to need some other equipment, whichever way you look at it. Did you do BIAB for this first brew? Where to begin...If your stove struggled to heat 7 qt, it's definitely going to have trouble heating 5+ gallons and you'd need a larger pot to boil the additional wort. In...
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  17. BGBC

    Pellicle on Cider During Secondary

    She’s beautiful! FG is FG, especially with cider where the fermentables are simple sugars and it should ferment dry even without the help of whatever bugs you’ve got there. Once the gravity is stable, it should be safe to bottle. It’s possible that flavors will continue to develop after that...
  18. BGBC

    Adding yeast when bottling a very old beer.

    For some more perspective...I had an issue with bottles carbonating once with a high gravity (11+%), long aged beer. Ended up opening up all the bottles, dosing with champagne yeast and recapping. Hope I never have to do that again, but they eventually carbonated. Can't quite tell if you've...
  19. BGBC

    Adding yeast when bottling a very old beer.

    I wouldn't consider 6-8 months 'very old' and I'm sure there's still live yeast in there. What kind of beer is it and what kind of yeast? Either way, if it was me, I would probably bottle it as is. It might take slightly longer to carb up, but will prob be fine. I just bottled a couple wild...