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  1. makomachine

    Battered Boar brewing - Lions Tooth Floret

    Just have to throw out a recommendation for a locally brewed farmhouse ale that I really enjoyed this past weekend. They add organic dandelions at the end of the boil and it gives a nice subtle herbal bite to the beer that I really enjoyed. It's limited release obviously, so if you are in the...
  2. makomachine

    Ward Labs Report

    So I'm a 100% RO water brewer with additions who just got a new water softener and RO system installed. My water has been undrinkable to date - extremely hard with "off flavors". Now that I have the system installed I'm wanting to see if I can brew with it. I can always use the RO water and...
  3. makomachine

    NB Surly Furious Clone with Saison Yeast

    Planning to do my first Belgian IPA and considering making up a Surly Furious base beer and pitching 3711 into it. I've really enjoyed the malt and hops in this beer with WLP007 and it would seem a great beer to twist given the flavors. 3711 will likely dry it out more obviously but I can...
  4. makomachine

    Surly Furious - malt character?

    I've never had the commercial version and have the NB clone in primary at the moment. I'm hitting FG at 1019 and finding quite a bit of residual sweetness currently. Is this present in the commercial version? Any descriptions in malt character are appreciated given I cant sample the real thing!
  5. makomachine

    Bee Cave Brewery Kolsch vs Cream of 3 crops

    I'm wanting to brew a beer for some family members that don't really get into craft beer and have narrowed it down to these two recipes. I'm wanting to brew something I'll enjoy as well, so trying to see what others think of these two beers that have experience with both. I've never had Kolsch...
  6. makomachine

    First Time Water Build - Surly Furious

    I'm taking on my first ever water build this Sunday with distilled water, mineral salts, and acidulated malt. I've read the water primer and done other research but still a bit 'uncertain' that I've got everything nailed down at this point. I'm brewing a Surly Furious kit from NB, and I've...
  7. makomachine

    Surly Furious Water Profile

    So I'm brewing the Surly Furious all grain kit from NB this weekend and going to be taking on my very first water build. My water is highly alkaline, and contaminated with fertilizer and run off, so doing this from the ground up with RO water. Proposed build, using the water primer as a...
  8. makomachine

    NB Surly Furious All Grain Kit available

    Just a heads up that i was able to order and get one shipped from them recently as they have been out of stock for a while. Shipped yesterday per NB and will be here Wednesday. Strange thing is it's still not listed on their site, but you can find it at this link...
  9. makomachine

    Pure Oxygen = blow off tube required?

    Thread title says it all. I've just recently migrated to the use of Oxygen for my oxygenation pre-fermentation (60 sec through diffusion stone), and the three beers I've done it with all have required blow off tubes. Prior to this, I've used a drill mounted degasser for aeration and when...
  10. makomachine

    Astringency / harsh character

    Looking for some expert opinions on where to work on my process to fix a flaw I'm getting in my recent beers. I'm getting a harsh bite to the sides of the tongue on my last three beers that I can't pin down. My last beer, a Citra Pale Ale was temperature controlled at 67F with a 2.5L stir plate...
  11. makomachine

    Nitro and Picnic faucets

    I'm in-between kegerators at the moment with an unconverted chest freezer & temp controller pulling their weight and keeping me in the keg business with picnic faucets. I will likely be in this situation for a few months and trying to figure out how to handle the vanilla porter I'm brewing this...
  12. makomachine

    Stein beer tips?

    So I've got a fancy new electric, fully automated, brew toy and what have I been thinking about? Stein beer. I want to plan a primitive brew session - using locally grown ingredients, a campfire, and stones for a stein beer. This will be a holiday brew session with my son in law who...
  13. makomachine


    I'm brewing an Alaskan Amber inspired Altbier and this is the first time Ive used this yeast. Anybody have prior experience with it and/or suggestions on temp? White Labs says no lower than 62F but have read where others have done so successfully. I've got a chest freezer and temperature...
  14. makomachine

    Erlenmeyer starter starter process tips?

    Do you guys add DME prior to putting on the stove? I have always done my starter in a pot and moved to gallon jugs - which then are placed on my DIY stirplate. I just picked up a 5L erlenmeyer for lager starters and wondering what the best method is for glass stove heating in one shot. DME is...
  15. makomachine

    Beer for chickens?

    So I was wondering if I could get some legal advice from this forum on whether it was against the law to trade my IIPA for some Silver Laced Cochin chickens? Would it be legal if it was non-exotic chickens? What if he fried the chickens first and we just swapped beer for bird? If we just...
  16. makomachine

    Alaskan Amber Recipe

    For the life of me I cant find the post where I got this or would quote or reply to that thread. I believe i got this on HBT but cant find the link anywhere and it's not coming up in the search. Looking to see if anyone has brewed the below recipe which is supposed to be the exact recipe for...
  17. makomachine

    Good commercial examples of Vienna style?

    So I've had many of the Oktoberfest/Marzen commercial beers and recently brewed one myself. I'm really getting into my lagers and thought I might try a Vienna to go beside the Oktoberfest for my Oktoberfest party. I know these beers are cousins and just wanted to pick up a commercial example...
  18. makomachine

    Dactyl Rest Too Soon?

    I'm doing only my second lager, Munich Madness Oktoberfest from BCS, and I'm starting to get 'nervous' that I may have started my diacetyl rest too early. I missed my target mash temp (150 vs 151) with an OG of 1.063 vs a target of 1.055. Target FG by recipe is 1.015. I pitched a gallon...
  19. makomachine

    How do you fight paranoia when brewing?

    I'm doing only my second lager, Munich Madness Oktoberfest from BCS, and I'm starting to get 'nervous' that the beer isn't going to come out right. I keep giving myself the speech that ingredients want to become beer, and you don't have to have everything perfect to make great beer, but that...
  20. makomachine

    Carboy cap or Airlock while lagering?

    I've to date lagered in carboys and have always used an airlock with vodka when doing so. How many people just cap their carboy at the lagering phase? Essentially your off gassing should be negligible but I'm always safe vs sorry. Just wondering what others do and why.