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  1. dtgrdn

    Bend Oregon 10 Barrel Brewing has issued a recall

    Saw this on the news this morning, didn't see anyone post it yet. "10 Barrel Brewing has issued a recall for its Swill brand beer, due to possible explosions. "It has come to our attention that some of this product may be experiencing secondary fermentation in the bottle, causing over...
  2. dtgrdn

    Is it infected???

    OK, I made a Kolsch, fermented for 4 weeks at 67 degrees, bottled last Monday and is in the basement at 70 degrees. Checked some of the bottles today and found this on all of them. Are they all infected? When I bottled it looked fine in the bucket.
  3. dtgrdn

    My First blowoff

    Not really a question or anything, just posting pictures of my first blowoff. 5th batch and it's an American Hefeweizen extract using WPL320 yeast. I made it last night and have it in my basement which is 60 degrees. I wrapped a blanket around it to keep it warm. Checked it today after work, 20...