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  1. opercularia

    Secure your CO2 cylinders!

    I had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago, but that's not what almost killed me. I had brought my refilled CO2 cylinder in from the car and set it down by my keezer. I had chest discomfort throughout the afternnoon and then suddenly felt nauseous. As I headed for the washroom, I collapsed...
  2. opercularia

    Bulk sales RO water and a TDS meter

    Due to our small town water source being surface water, I cannot get an up-to-date water analysis, and historical figures show that it varies considerably from test to test. They are generally 2-3 months behind in publishing the data. I use RO water from the local co-op so that I can control my...
  3. opercularia

    Low AA Cascade

    My usual Cascade hops have been 8-8.5% AA. I recently bought some from a new supplier and they are only 5.5%. I will obviously have to up the quantity I use to achieve the desired IBU. Does anybody have an idea how this will affect the flavor?