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  1. mysteryberto

    Super immersion chiller

    A homemade wort chiller with lots of copper. Has a pan with hole cut in top for inserting the wort chiller. Spacers keep it spaced perfectly off the bottom of the keggle. Quick disconnects for ease of connection and moving the chiller. Modified mortar mixer for agitation of wort.
  2. mysteryberto

    Ultimate RIMS box

    The last few weekends my dad and I have been building the ultimate RIMS toolbox. The first picture is the front of the toolbox. The Auber instruments controller is currently reading 150 degrees and working at getting to 155 degrees. There is a fan in front as well as the switch for...
  3. mysteryberto

    Hop extract experiment

    Today I was thinking about a bottle of hop extract I have from Freshops. It's pretty cool just being able to add a drop or two and having a swill beer with hop flavor. It comes in Cascade but I want variety! I've made various flavored vodkas with vanilla beans and coffee. Why not make a hop...
  4. mysteryberto

    Fermenting Cider in cornie Keg

    I've been fermenting beers in 10 gallon cornie kegs for a while. So a few months ago I came up with the idea of fermenting apfelwein in a 5 gallon keg. Poured almost all of the five gallons of juice into the cornie keg. Then Pitched the yeast and attached an airlock I had made to the gas in...
  5. mysteryberto

    Stainless steel 4 tap tower

    My dad recently built me a four tap tower for my kegerator. He welded it all together and did a great job so I thought I'd post some pictures of it. The first picture is the stainless steel piece we picked up from a scrap yard. It had a lot of white sticker stuck on it which according to my dad...
  6. mysteryberto

    Breweriana Collection

    I love homebrewing but I also like a good commercial beer. Living in Oregon there's a few really good breweries. I've been collecting beer signage and tap handles lately. Five picture maximum so I didn't get a chance to post all my tap handles. Anyone else collect breweriana?
  7. mysteryberto

    Removing cornie from kegerator?

    It seems like just the other day I only had one cornie in my kegerator and there was tons of room. Now I have four cornies which fills my kegerator to capacity. One of these is almost empty with maybe a few pints left. However I'd like to bottle the remaining beer. The problem is I don't have...
  8. mysteryberto

    Worth buying off craigslist?

    Someone from my local area has hops that they think are cascade. It's $20 for a five gallon bucket. Does anyone have a guess what this would work out to be dry weight?
  9. mysteryberto

    Cornelius fermenter and transfer

    I just started using a ten gallon corny keg as a fermenter. It has almost the same diameter as a 6.5 gallon carboy. I don't trust glass carboys and was about to make the change to better bottles when I bought the corny. Tonight I transferred my Pliny the Elder clone from the corny to 5 gallon...
  10. mysteryberto

    First and second all grain

    Brewed my first couple of all grains. First was a pale ale with 10 LB 2-row 1 pound Munich 1 pound Crystal 20L 4 oz cascade Hit around 60% efficiency and after a couple weeks it tastes very good. Love the grapefruity cascade flavor. Second is a Pliny the Elder clone which I planned to brew...
  11. mysteryberto

    Kegerator keg emptyness meter?

    I've been looking online trying to find some way to measure the amount of beer left in the kegs in my kegerator. The closest thing I could find was the draft beer measuring system. However at $80 it's expensive and only...
  12. mysteryberto

    Corny fermenter airlock

    Having recently bought a 10 gallon corny keg for real cheap on craigslist I wanted to ferment in it. It'd work great for this purpose with sealed transfers and other benefits such as no glass. But the only challenge was getting an airlock on it. The solution? A piece of CO2 line hose,quick...
  13. mysteryberto

    NO silicone tubing for beer lines

    I went to a homebrew shop out of town a while back. I asked the sales person what I should use for beer line for my kegerator. They gave me 3/16 inch silicone tubing. It worked OK but last night it poured one glass fine and then the second was ALL head. I popped open my kegerator to take a look...
  14. mysteryberto

    This old Kegerator

    Recently my dad found a killer deal on a Beverage-air kegerator for only $80 on Craigslist including a regulator and sanke coupler. Only problem was the seller said it needed a recharge as it wasn't staying cool. Took it home and found that while the fins inside became cool the evaporator...
  15. mysteryberto

    Storing and buying grain and hops

    So after a few extract batches I'm ready to step up to all grain brewing. It seems the real savings are when you buy grains in bulk. I plan on buying a fifty pound sack of two row. Anyone in Oregon know the cheapest place to buy grain in bulk locally? Specialty grains are 24 cents cheaper a...
  16. mysteryberto

    Brewcraft Rogue Dead Guy kit

    Yesterday I picked up a brewcraft Rogue Dead Guy kit and a smack pack of pacman yeast from my LHBS. Kit includes: hops,specialty grains,DME, and candi sugar. However the instructions were a bit lacking. I've brewed three times before with extract and partial grains. The recipe calls for...