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  1. MrNatural

    Remember when...

    And of course:
  2. MrNatural

    Remember when...

    Hahaha... Man, I was right there. Grandma gave me her '63 Falcon Futura convertible. I thought it was 170CI, but a turd either way, two speed tranny made it a double deuce. Still wish I had it now though..... And how about those radio "presets"? Tune to station, pull out button, push button back...
  3. MrNatural

    Homebrew Talk Super Awesome Happy Funtime Giveaway

    @TxBrew Kinda beer related; many have not survived the Rubicon Trail.
  4. MrNatural

    Remember when...

    They sure did, back when there were local hardware stores. And some had a Hobby Section where you could get refills for your children's Chemistry Set (age 6-12?). Very handy, since I seemed to run out of "KNO3", "CaCl2O2" and "S" all the time. Charcoal was seasonal: Pops was hard sell to buy...
  5. MrNatural

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    Good assessment GN. I'm about there now and Longmire is ambling along as before, although first episode did bust out the mystic/shaman stuff, Hector, Nighthorse, slimy Mayor, and Henry almost dying from the get-go. Punisher would get my nod, so far, over all but DD1. With JJ and DD2 not far...
  6. MrNatural

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    Any reports on the new seasons that dropped the 17th?
  7. MrNatural

    Remember when...

    Keeping with the car theme..... Back (way back) in the day, windshield wipers were powered by engine vacuum. Going downhill, they'd be screaming like banshees. Uphill, a maddening crawl. I recall a trip to Lake Tahoe in the family station wagon in blizzard conditions. On the pull up to the...
  8. MrNatural

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    True fact
  9. MrNatural

    Spike Brewing Giveaway - New CF10 Conical Fermenter!!

    I'll dip my toe in that pool.....................
  10. MrNatural

    Who has the most obscure hobby?

    Just got a sawmill and started making my own lumber to build a cabin. Kind of like brewing beer in that you pay very close attention to measurements - sanitation not so much :) Got 15 2x4 x12ft out of 19" stock. Like any other hobby, start-up hurts. First 2x4s figured out to $500 each :D...
  11. MrNatural

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    Anyone watching stuff in 4K UHD? Wondering how much difference in quality there is and how much content is available before I drop another $4/month on top of Amazon Prime and Hulu+?
  12. MrNatural

    What to drink in SEA and SFO

    ^^^this^^^ Or more specifically, this: Admittedly, I haven't checked out the Haight Ashbury location yet, but gotta think the Hippies are long gone. And after visiting Smokestack (attached to the brewery), I feel no need to try it. Great place with unique...
  13. MrNatural

    Sacramento CO2 tank refills/exchanges

    That's where I swap my 20# tanks. Auburn off 80 and Power Inn off 50.
  14. MrNatural

    California MoreBeer BrewSculpture/Conical For Sale

    Pics of the bottle filler? Where in CA are you located?
  15. MrNatural

    Free Logos or Beer Labels

    Probably a lot to ask, and will understand if it is too much work. Thanks for the offer and consideration. "Bearded Clam Brewery" Something like this, maybe cocked on slight angle with "mouth" slightly open in a knowing smile. Wearing a beret on a hipster tilt. Sporting a stache like...
  16. MrNatural

    Typical Costs for Welded Fittings

    Was that the guy out of Sonora?
  17. MrNatural

    Medals in my first BJCP Comp!

    Way to kick ass............
  18. MrNatural

    GOOD on Netflix STREAMING?

    Dang, talk about late to the party. Just finally got around to Daredevil. Well written and produced.